Битва между Анджелиной Джоли и Брэдом Питтом закончилась
The actress wants to live with the father of their children.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie


It seems that in the relationship of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt recently violently
quarreling in the divorce process begun, at least, a serious truce. If a few months ago the couple do not
just did not want to see each other, but even refused to talk directly, communicating only through lawyers, now they decided to become practically neighbors. After all
from the gate of the estate, which decided to buy Jolie, pitt to the house — a little more
one mile!

That Angelina
is actively negotiating the acquisition of the mansion outside Los Angeles, became
know a couple of weeks ago. Then the overseas press reported that the actress stopped
the choice on the kind of attractions — the house once belonged to
legendary Director Cecil de Mill. And although the current owner of the mansion have requested
Jolie 24,9 million dollars, actress, this price,
seem completely confused.

I thought that the decision of the actress to get a new housing due to the fact that she
wants to “turn the page” completely and begin a whole new life. It was reported
also that the house complies with all the wishes of the actress. First of all, it
quite spacious. In the main house with an area of about 1 thousand square meters. m
six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. In addition, located on the territory of other
outbuildings: large garage, swimming pool, separately standing pavilion equipped
just the gym, but a real fitness center, and a large guest house.

However, when
only has information about buying a new home, Jolie, few people paid
attention to the address of the mansion, and he was located in Loz Feliz, that is where
and the house, in which, after the announcement of the divorce settled, pitt. Moreover, both buildings
not just located in one area, and just 5 minutes drive from
other! And if Jolie lived pretty far from pitt in Malibu, and that the children could visit father
had to spend on the road for quite some time, but now they will be able to see
it as often as soon as they let Angelina. And it seems to have currently replaced the anger
at the mercy and decided not to prevent contact of brad with his “children”.