The Batrutdinov is experiencing a midlife crisis

Батрутдинов переживает кризис среднего возраста

Resident Comedy Club are seriously concerned that he is still not married.

In February, Timur Batrutdinov turned 38 years old. Dangerous figure, not far off 40. Psychologists say that in this period of men is revaluation of life, covers his head with the same proverbial midlife crisis. Not passed this Cup and Batrutdinova…

“I get an internal restart: think about what you want to see yourself in the future. Need to change or stay this way? Look at ourselves, analyze the actions of the character. I hate inertia, it is important for me to constantly discover something new,” says Timur.

But in addition to internal imbalance showman care and another question, why is it still not started a family, why doesn’t he have his beloved wife, children. He’s the last bachelor in the Comedy club team, though he never aspired to bachelor life. Timur always said that I would love to get married, but somehow things weren’t working out.

“Compounding the situation is the fact that all around me friends are married. And I always say that time is running out, we ain’t getting any younger and so on… If there was a fateful meeting, I’ll be happy. If not, then no luck. I want a baby so he was. I want my child to grow up in love. And while I will not say that alone, but live alone. Lawless heart. After participating in “the Bachelor” understood, what should be my fiancee. It may not satisfy the criteria that I have, but will still be not my man. Important energy, kinship”, – said Timur in an interview with “TV guide”.

Last year, we will remind, Timur chose a bride in “the Bachelor.” For his heart is fought 25 girls from different cities of Russia. Among all the artist is more attracted to a student from Kazan Daria Kanawha. He gave her the first place and even promised to marry. But it did not happen… Some time ago Betredinov stated that free again, and Karnauha found a guy easier.

It is known that the hero of the new season of “the Bachelor” will be the 28-year-old singer Alexei Vorobiev. Hopefully he’ll have better luck!

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