The Basques led to the “Voice” double

Басков привел на «Голос» двойника

The singer came to the blind auditions and hid from the mentors behind the screen.

In this edition of “the Voice” mentors played again. Along with the regular participants at the blind audition came Nicholas Basque and made his speech a masquerade.

Gagarin, Bilan, Agutin and Leps, as always, sat with his back to the artist on stage, meanwhile, there was a curtain, behind which the mysterious singer performed the song “Il mondo” in the Italian language.

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Of course, Pauline began to guess who owns the voice of the burning of the Italian, but cost them with Dima Bilan to turn around, as the curtain fell, Nikolai Baskov instantly fled behind the screen, and before the eyes of the mentors brought a completely unknown man in a tailcoat.

“This year the anniversary of my artistic activities and as a performer on the big stage for 20 years, I can say that when I stood and waited for its release in the “Voice”, I felt nervous, like he was up on stage for the first time – shared Nicholas and Woman’s Day. — I really was important to me turned around. And turned! A big thank you to Polina Gagarina and, of course, Dima Bilan, that they appreciated my voice.”

While Bilan surprised shouted: “What? How?” behind the mentors appeared Nicholas himself and continued to sing. The singer admitted that a fake singer, his friend from Germany.

“People who participate in such competitions as “the Voice,” very courageous, the actor said Woman’s Day. To stand behind this curtain, you need to have a lot of health, because it’s nerves, a tremendous excitement, there’s even a special atmosphere, like the air above you thickens. By and large any such show gives artist that nobody knows, the chance to reach a large audience. Win or not is not important, it is important that you can show your creativity, ability and the gift from millions of viewers.

This competition comes a huge number of talented people, each of them I wish you success and remember that the very fact of going on stage in this very important program. And the result… Well the result? When I was at the beginning of his creative activities, competitions took second place, it about what does not speak”.