The Barnaul pensioner takes the cherished dream

Барнаульский пенсионер исполняет заветные мечты Igor Jakub helps people to find happiness. First, he made talismans that bring good luck to their owners, and then created a real Museum. It presents hundreds of paintings, statues, pictures, and boxes.
Барнаульский пенсионер исполняет заветные мечты

“I give people happiness,” – says Igor Jakub. Most of his life he worked as a security guard, and after retirement, turned into… a real wizard.

Would be cute next

Once this Joker, who today helps to fulfill the desire of people who wanted of luck myself. “I thought that I’m almost forty, and no family, no children,” he recalls. And soon, like magic, met his future wife. Tatiana 15 years younger, was already married, but her entire family was tragically killed in a car accident. Igor started a new life. Marred its one thing Tatiana could not get pregnant. And then Igor made for the beloved one of the first mascots – funny wooden tadpole. “Gave her and say: now, we definitely will soon be baby – says Jakub. – And the wife I always believed. And now – good news! Now Lisa has 10 years old, she goes to third grade.”

After the birth of daughter Tatyana in English mascot, made by my husband, my boss, who also dreamed of a child. … And she soon became a mother. And Igor continued to work wonders. “What do you wanna do?” – he asked his wife when Lisa grew up a little bit. Tatyana has told that thinks about the profession of beautician, but she has no education or experience. “I made another mascot, and presented her with the words: starting tomorrow you can do what you love and earn more than me”, – says Igor. Inspired by a young mother went to the courses. Now it is considered one of the best beauticians city, clients written to her for treatments for several weeks ahead. Perhaps, it was Igor thinking about what his calling – to give others happiness and help fulfill your wildest desires.

Барнаульский пенсионер исполняет заветные мечты

And the small chest simply opened

How Igor can remember, he has always been creative. His mother worked in kindergarten, and he has participated in performances, drawing, singing, making. But to associate with a hobby profession failed. Igor acquired the school qualifications of the mechanic and went to work at the plant. When the country started changing and businesses have stayed, became a security guard. But creativity is not forgotten. All sorts of fun crafts, wooden toys, Souvenirs took not one shelf in the apartment.

And six years ago, I met with the organizers of the Novosibirsk Museum “Suitcase of happiness” and invited me to visit. They saw a collection of a resident of Barnaul and said, “So you fit to the Museum to open.” Igor followed the advice.

At first his meetings were held in the city library, but then he moved him into the empty apartment of his wife. Today if you call in advance can come here any – Yakub will tell you about each exhibit and what it means to be happy. “Our country has rebuilt, but people can not always change. One bad, the other just a little. They must be set to positive,” – says Igor.

Барнаульский пенсионер исполняет заветные мечты

Now the Museum “the Casket of happiness” hundreds of paintings, statues, photographs, boxes, talismans. All pieces carry a special meaning that can be described in two words: happiness is. Some of the exhibits the Museum host makes himself some finds at flea markets and brings to mind something give to friends and guests. In the corner of one of the rooms the machine – Igor arranged the workplace.

All visitors Jacob gives in memory “pieces of happiness” – the mascots fulfill the cherished desire. Indeed, many they help. The magician even made a “Book of miracles”, where he pastes of gratitude and the photos of those lucky people.

“For girls, the mistress of the mini-Mart, made the brownie, who now lives in the shop, and she took off. And then she admitted she wants children. Cut her another talisman made of wood. A year later, she gave birth to triplets – Jacob leafing through the pages of the album – the memory gave and wrote: “Thank you from Denis, Nikitka and Daisies”.

And when “the Casket of happiness” was located in the library, there was a young worker, student, responsible, clever. And I said, “You have become a boss”. She says, “you! I learn three years”. I invited her to the Museum, there is a magic pot, it is a wish to whisper. She quietly said, and she was appointed subbibitems, despite her young age. But the girls from the Bank where I worked as a security guard: one could not to get an apartment, and the second marriage I wanted. As soon as their favors they gave all turned out.

Can’t explain it, but I figure people after I give them lucky charms, have confidence, calmness, good mood. They begin to attract more positive dreams can become reality”.

By the way, the dreams continue to come true and he himself on the verge of his sixtieth birthday, he a second time became a father, son Matthew for two years.

The main desire of Igor now is to make happier adults and children. Every month he with small exhibits from his Museum goes to the schools, boarding schools, hospitals and arranges for the guys holidays. Gives gifts, tells an interesting story. Each visit turns into a real theatrical performance.

“In some countries, children from infancy “dedicated to happiness”. Say you’re the smartest, most beautiful, best – says Jakub. – And we have often criticized. I try to explain to the children that they are wonderful.”

A resident of Barnaul support and friends and former bosses, and all who once helped himself. “Someone a few kilos of sweets will buy, someone will give money, gifts in – luck or volunteer at the festival work,” says Igor. Urban wizard never discouraged. “Miracles are around us, – says Jakub. Sometimes people just need a little click or a kind word, and it all will come true. These “clicks” I do, that is my calling.”