Группа U2 обвиняется в плагиате песни, которой более 25 лет

In the music industry is extremely a lot of debt, because the prosecution of one of the artist that his creations are used in his work to another musician, no one is surprised.

The accusations of plagiarism had to face the band U2. According to the New York Post, the lawsuit about plagiarism on the Irish team filed a British guitarist and composer Paul rose.

The man is sure that U2 have borrowed many elements of his songs into the composition of the Fly in order to write a song for Nae Slappin ‘ 1991 album Achtung Baby.

Rose is confident that his copyright has been infringed for more than 25 years, so for that U2 should incur financial penalties in the amount of $ 5 million.

Why Paul did not initiate proceedings before? says the lawyer men, the theft of his songs took place in 1991, i.e. at the beginning of his career. Then he didn’t want to sue just because he was afraid that his name will gain scandalous popularity and the road to the world of music for him closes.

So far, the representatives of U2 does not comment on the situation.

Recall that the Irish team U2 is однbv of the most successful in the world. On it the couple many awards, including 22 Grammy awards. In 2005 the band was included in the “Hall of fame rock-n-roll”.