The band plans to serve in the Crimea

Группа Scooter планирует выступить в Крыму

Cult German band that was popular in the early 2000s, is going to perform on August 4, in the annexed Crimea. The group will give a concert in the festival ZB Fest in Balaklava. This news caused a wide resonance. According to Ukrainian legislation, for a tour in the Peninsula of musicians faces from one to eight years of imprisonment.

The band has announced that they will play on the Crimean Peninsula. This statement was immediately interpreted as an expression of favor Vladimir Putin. Musicians for the decision to play in the annexed territory criticized the German and Ukrainian politics. In Germany stated that the Scooter has openly taken the stance Russia and in Ukraine have started talking about criminal responsibility. According to the laws of the country, foreigners can cross the border only with a special permission to enter the Crimea, they are required on the part of Ukraine. Violation of these requirements provides for criminal liability. However, Ukrainian politicians doubt that the musicians will Scooter make a case, even if they are on the Peninsula.
Singer H. P. Baxter was very surprised when I found out about the situation with the speech and the ensuing discussion. He said that the group travels to Crimea in order to support the political leaders, but because they live their fans. And musicians have something to show and something to surprise.
This view is shared by the Manager of the German group Jens Body. He says that the musicians did not want to become members of the musical conflict. Jens Body stressed that the team is on tour in Ukraine and Russia since 1995. During this time we’ve acquired a lot of fans waiting for them impatiently.
Many drew attention to one nuance: on the band’s official website does not state the country near the date of speech in Balaklava. The organizers decided to avoid political scandal and tactfully to get away from him. Jens Body admitted that, thus, the Scooter remains neutral.
The festival ZB Fest in Balaklava together with the Scooter live L One, “Leningrad”, “Earring”, Dima Bilan, “C” and “Brigade”.
Recall that Scooter was founded in 1993 in Germany. Group called the most famous in the world. Scooter is playing electronic music of various genres. In 2016, the band released the last album under the name “Ace”.