“The bad images are at all” Victoria romanet showed the photo to plastics

«Неудачные снимки есть у всех»: Виктория Романец показала фото до пластики Eks-the participant “Houses-2” do not hide the fact that he several times appealed to the surgeon. In the picture, posted online, Victoria romanet only 20 years old. And, according to fans, before the girl looked much better.
«Неудачные снимки есть у всех»: Виктория Романец показала фото до пластики

Nose, Breasts, lips and even buttocks – television stars have long ceased to hide the fact that their appearance did not only nature, but also a plastic surgeon. Victoria romanet was repeatedly criticized for excessive craving for plastic, and photos of the former troublemakers from “House-2” to operations instantly scattered over the Network.

Today B28-year-old girl once again became the object of discussions after the publication of the picture eight years ago. And honestly, the photo of the Vic do not know.

“A friend sent me here 20. Many commentators often allow themselves incorrectly to speak about my appearance before and after. And judges-who? Why hide behind avatars of cats and dogs? Why are you afraid to show your face? Sometimes impudence quite foreign to me shocking. In addition to the Mat to pick up nothing more. Not having lips, modified nose, cheekbones, eyelashes, eyebrows, I looked exactly like on the photo! Hiding behind photos of animals. Of course, now 90% perfect women run to look for my bad photo on the Internet. But they are at all. You need to accept. I’m pretty,” said Victoria.
«Неудачные снимки есть у всех»: Виктория Романец показала фото до пластики

“You are so beautiful. I didn’t even recognize you. And hair color well.”, “Beauty!”, “Hair color cool”, “Not just a pretty face, and very pretty!” noted fans romanet.

As noted beautician in an interview with the magazine “StarHit”, a perfect forehead of the stars is a merit of botulinum toxin, the effect of which lasts no more than 4-5 months. Also romanet absolutely no nasolabial folds, thanks to regular injections of fillers gialuronova acid. Pronounced “juicy” lips and cheekbones – all the same shots, which lasts 8-10 months. And glowing skin, Victoria is the work of a “food injection” for the skin. Smooth and white girls teeth is veneers. Also, she several times went under the surgeon’s knife for a perfect nose and a boob job.

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