«Холостяк» Илья Глинников готовит для мамы дорогой подарок The man decided to surprise the loved one. Ilya Glinnikov tries to do everything to please their loved ones. The actor has been very generous and not stingy on the gorgeous gift in honor of the holiday.

      Coming in spring to kick off the fifth season of the popular reality show “the Bachelor.” This year’s 25 beauties will compete for the heart star of TV series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. Fans looking forward to the start of the romantic programme, but the actor is preparing for a meeting with the girls, one of which he presented in the final ring. Close Glinnikov hope he doesn’t go wrong with the choice. On the eve of Ilya held a press conference in which he stated that he was preparing the parents a special gift.

      “On the Eighth of March I am going to surprise Mama and give her an apartment,” said Glinnikov.

      Now fans in anticipation of the meeting of Elijah with 25 girls. Glinnikov admitted that on the show he was waiting for the incredible ladies. He asks the contestants not to fight for his attention, as a man should to win any girl.

      “StarHit” conducted an investigation and found out who will be lucky enough to meet with Ilya and try to become his dream girl. Mother of many children, model and blogger: who will compete for the heart of “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov

      The actor had a lot of bright novels in my life, but meeting ‘ the one he could not. Not so long ago Glinnikov broke up with the actress Aglaia Tarasova. Their relationship lasted three years, however, before the ZAGS, the young people never came. Friends claimed that the falling out has occurred due to the fact that Glinnikov were older girls.

      “The main cause of their quarrels was the difference in age, almost eleven years – says a friend of the actor Ivan Pavlov. – Ilya got bored of the party, wanted privacy with your beloved. She, on the contrary, what was needed was a noisy company. Aglaia was a frequenter of bars. Every time Ilya came to a boiling point, it become a reason for quarrels. So, on one of the anniversaries, he made a romantic dinner, early walked off the set. But Aglaya forgot what was day and went to have fun with friends. When he returned, Illya threw everything in a bucket and spoiled mood went to bed. Besides, he is very impulsive guy and was jealous of Aglaia for each post. Relations pair lasted three years and in may of 2016 is gone”.