The baby is from England became popular because of the hair

Младенец из Англии стал популярен из-за прически

Rather, because of the amount of hair, unusual for a two-month baby.

Junior Cox, the nun has not yet become an Internet celebrity, but was close to it after his 32-year-old mom Chelsea nun allowed the journalists of the British newspaper the Mirror to publish his photo.

“I usually spend about 40 minutes on a weekly trip to the supermarket, and now I have it takes two hours, said Chelsea in an interview. — People constantly stop and say, “Oh, look how much this kid has hair!””

Although the hair of the baby is increasing every day, Chelsea has no plans of going to the hairdresser. “I don’t want to cut it, she shared with The Mirror. – I wonder how long they can grow. I don’t know where he got so much hair. His head is like a big ball of cotton candy”.

His older brothers – 4-year-old Mitchell and 6-year-old Preston – with hair in their infancy, everything was fine. “My eldest child is constantly run up to the Junior to pull his cheeks – continues Chelsea. – We call him Bear, because he really looks like a little bear. But when Junior complains, is more like an evil dwarf”.