The authors of the series “Hunting the devil” pleased heir of Sergei Bezrukov

Авторы сериала «Охота на дьявола» порадовали наследницу Сергея Безрукова The film crew of the new project of NTV was pleasantly surprised by the famous actor. Colleagues of Sergei Bezrukov gave him a memorable gift in honor of the birth of a charming daughter, Maria. The actor did not expect such a surprise from a friendly team.

      Авторы сериала «Охота на дьявола» порадовали наследницу Сергея Безрукова

      March 13 on the NTV channel premiere of a serial film “the Hunt for the devil.” The main role in spy detective sang the national actor of Russia Sergey Bezrukov. Besides him, the series also starred Evgeniy Stychkin, Artem Tkachenko, Maria Lugovaya, Ilya Lyubimov and many others.

      Last summer, when filming a new project was in full swing, Sergei Bezrukov and his wife, stage Director Anna matison, a daughter. Charming girl named Mary. On this occasion, Sergey asked the creators to give him compassionate leave. The authors of “hunting the devil” went to meet the actor beloved by millions and has suspended work on a painting for six weeks.

      The creative team thought long and hard about what gift to make to the executor the title role. Fellow artists wanted him to remember the present. As a result of hot discussions the majority of crew members voted for the idea writers. They offered to rename the heiress of the main character max Livius in honor of a newborn baby. The result is a screen actor’s daughter Sophie turned to Marie.

      Авторы сериала «Охота на дьявола» порадовали наследницу Сергея Безрукова

      When Sergey Bezrukov returned to the landing, he was surprised the incident change. The present members of the crew became people’s artist of Russia a pleasant surprise.

      Recall that the plot of the series “Hunting the devil” talks about the hunt for the secret weapon, which was the result of the greatest scientific discoveries of the Russian physicist Mikhail Filippov. In the early 20th century, scientists investigated the possibility of transmission of explosive energy over a long distance.

      After forty years of development Filippova interested intelligence agencies of different countries, including Germany, Japan, UK and the USSR. To counter intelligence officers will be courageous former Russian officer Max Livius in the performance of Sergei Bezrukov. He intends to destroy the blueprints of the famous scientist and save the world from the destructive forces previously unseen weapons. Invaluable help the main character will have a NKVD agent Anna Yartseva, played by Maria meadow.

      By the way, impending the Prime Minister has already announced in the social networks, actor Artem Tkachenko. “On the channel NTV launched the flagship project “Hunting the devil.” It will not be boring!” promised artist.

      Авторы сериала «Охота на дьявола» порадовали наследницу Сергея Безрукова