The author of the song “Standing girls”, “I wanna end your life”

Автор песни «Стоят девчонки»: «Так я заканчиваю свою жизнь» The famous composer Alexander Kolker, author of “Are girls standing on the sidelines”, “the Guy with the Petrograd side,” Karelia celebrates its 85th anniversary. July 28 will be the fifth birthday which he meets without my Masha – the great Soviet singer Maria Pakhomenko.
Автор песни «Стоят девчонки»: «Так я заканчиваю свою жизнь»

About how he “lives” his life, as well as problems with his daughter and “enmity” with Piekha and senchinoj he told the composer said on the eve of the anniversary.

About Maria Pakhomenko

“At age 85, I regularly go driving in the village (a suburb of St. Petersburg — approx. ed.) my Masha (the singer Maria Pakhomenko was buried in the Komarovsky cemetery — approx. ed.). I’m not breaking up with her, and she will not part with me. My whole apartment in which I live his life, hung with pictures and posters of my Marusya. Yes, this birthday, I will again be without her and the pain is always with me, I live with it”.

“Over the 54 years of our marriage, we kept trying to breed, asked the question: “Tell me the truth, you are already divorced?” Could not accept the fact that this Russian beauty and such a distinctive singer is married to that guy with the glasses. I’m tired of making excuses, but my friend Kim Ryzhov told me: “you’re always making excuses, who next asks to answer!” When there was another call with a question, I decided to make a joke: “Yes, it happened! Masha immediately married. and I married piece”. Though I didn’t believe”.

Автор песни «Стоят девчонки»: «Так я заканчиваю свою жизнь»

About his life

“I she don’t leave and don’t want to leave. I signed a contract with a funeral company that is located in the city center that after my death be cremated and the urn with my ashes buried with my Masha. Have agreed with administration of the cemetery, ordered a modest headstone of black granite, which is leaning against the stone where it says “Maria Pakhomenko”. And on my small tombstone, it will read “Alexander Kolker” and we’ll be together forever”.

“Although opposed to my daughter Natasha, who threw letters to all instances, from Smolny to the Directorate of the Komarovsky cemetery. She writes: “Never allow the ashes of Jew Kolker was buried in the grave of my Orthodox mom!” So I live his life”.

About the relationship with her daughter

“Against my daughter and her boyfriend in 2015 prosecuted because they stole from me in 2012, all that I have written over 60 years of his composing life, because our apartments are shared by several metres – they lived across the street. It happened when I went for medicine to the pharmacy because I have 11 years worth of valve, and two years ago I replaced the aorta with a prosthesis, I always need medication. At this point, they managed to throw all the scores, all scores, all I have lying in the cupboard in the hallway, and then to take it all. Now they wanted, they live somewhere in Prague — at least there Natalia assures their terrible writing”.

“I even to the country in the Ust-Narva can’t get in, because in 2012, under the contract of donation rewrote all three cooperative apartment in St. Petersburg and three houses in Ust’ -Narva on the daughter, who said, “You’re old”. Everything belongs to her! I think that’s what came professional Gigolo and marriage swindler, which my daughter was seven, he wanted this property.”

Creative activities

“More than 30 theatres put my musical “Wedding Krechinsky”, 15 foreign and 15 Russian. 7 September 20th premiere of my musical “Truffaldino from Bergamo” in Ryazan, and before that, was premiered in Kiev, and earlier in Lviv. New York was recently call: “Mr. Kolker, we make a big transfer, which is dedicated to the contemporary musical art of Russia, want to make the keynote of your song that you wrote 50 years ago – “Standing girls”. I didn’t at first, asked to call back at RAO, but then turned out to be true. And now I have nothing to write, all I wanted to do already done.”

About his beloved granddaughter

“I love my granddaughter Maria Pakhomenko, every month on the card translate that a certain amount of money. Recently talked to her on the phone, she July 27, congratulate me, because the 28th I’ll turn off all phone, do not want to communicate with anyone. She married a young man Sasha, it turned out that we were Masha and Sasha XX century, and they Mashenka and Sashenka twenty-first century. West they have mastered a very difficult and risky specialty diving, and they do it in different countries, working on different beaches. Somehow she calls me: “Dedomenico, I’m calling from Manila, we will soon arrive, ready to meet”. Two days later calls back, “Oh, grandpa, us in China was not allowed, so we flew to London, and then to Petersburg.”

On its 85th anniversary

“What a birthday was the most memorable? I don’t even remember them, because this sense is so down to earth. Yesterday went to the dentist, which asks: “How will you celebrate your anniversary. Go on a spree, perhaps?” “Yes, I will allow myself to drink one Cup, two cups of yogurt”. Many people organize lavish celebrations, concerts, but I have lived such a beautiful life. Between me and the current stars of the big gap – I am a resident of besieged Leningrad, I knew Gagarin and Tovstonogov, my song is a hymn of Karelia. And though I am 85, I’m calling from different cities of Russia, invited to another play”.

About the war Pakhomenko and Peha

“There was never any war! Never! We have nothing to share with Piekha was, she is and she is different. Yes, many people sang my songs, and Peha no – I didn’t give her, because she sang “I lublu” and I didn’t like it!”

“Edita was the only one who sent a wreath on the grave of Masha (Maria Pakhomenko died in 2013 — approx. ed.)! But Lyudmila Senchina copied from Pakhomenko not only hair, but also clothes, manner of singing.”