The author of the new hit Pugacheva very afraid of her

Автор нового хита Пугачевой очень ее боялся

The author of the song “Penny”, which the Diva was presented at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden gramophone”, told Woman’s Day about his acquaintance with the star.

Earlier, Alla Pugacheva, even cakes your will be able to make a star. And this is true. Whatever the cause it undertook, it immediately becomes the centre of attention. Well, whatever the song nor sang Diva, she in a moment becomes a hit. It happened with a new song “Penny” that Alla sang at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden gramophone”. Song so pleased the audience that it has already been snapped up for quotes. Woman’s Day spoke with the author of the hit by Alexei Malakhov about how they started their cooperation.

“With Alla Borisovna, I was introduced by my friend, mentor, dear Philip, with whom we cooperate for many years, his repertoire includes more than 50 of my songs and the new show “I” sounds 6 songs of my authorship. So, after the premiere of the show Kirkorov “I” in the Kremlin there was a dinner that brought together those closest to the artist of the people. When Philip said to me, “Come, I’ll introduce you to Alla,” I said, “You what!” Philip did not give up: “what, What, come on” and led me by the hand like a little boy. The first words I said to Alla, were: “you’re the one author that everyone is talking about? Do not say anything, the talent.“ Those words made me dizzy”.

“I realized this was my chance. I started to write songs for Alla Pugacheva, and wrote the first “Penny”, – continued the story of Alex. — Sent Philip to show alle. An hour later he texted me, “Congratulations, great woman liked to call her, she’s expecting your call”. To which I replied: “that You, Philip, I’m afraid.” He laughed and said, “don’t worry, she’s good.” With trembling hands I picked up the phone and dialed the number of Alla Pugacheva. When she picked up the phone, I could not believe my ears, she said, “hi, Alex. I like your songs, let’s go to work“. When I hung up, I cried, it was the cry of the soul and not just soul! My wife even got scared and thought I was crazy. After that, we have many times called up, and let me tell you, Alla very good man, with which me God. Alla took three of my songs, which say it will not, it’s a secret, I can only say one thing, they are very beautiful! So we many times call to discuss the songs and harmony. Of course, now I’ve told her not to worry, communicate and absorb every word like a sponge”.

Alexey Malakhov is now called the most popular author in show business. Initially, as Alex began his career in Nikolaev and sang in various competitions, worked in local theater and dreamed of becoming a singer. However, in order to pursue a career as an artist, he needed his music material written specifically for him. Authors who wrote for him the song, not quite satisfy the ambition of a young artist, in addition, asked for them rather big fees, and money for the time the student Malakhov was not. A great musical education, which he received in Nikolaev, allowed him to write songs that he felt his own skin. His creations he began to show other artists, producers, and so it was that the performers were begging to sell them these songs. A landmark was the meeting of the young actor with the famous Ukrainian producer Yuriy Faleceu (former producer Ani Lorak), who instantly recognized the talent of the artist and composer: “You need to writing songs for other artists, you have great talent, the songs just flow out of you a hundred, earn money, you need artists, you will soon be waiting in line”. And so it happened, after some time of Russian pop stars such as Anastasia Stotskaya, Jasmine, Anastasia, Diana Gurtskaya, Boris Moiseev, Varvara, Nikolay Baskov began to sing songs of Alexis.

Alexei was so captured by this work that he stopped thinking about his solo career of the singer and all the efforts dumped on his development as a composer, songwriter and, oddly enough, a businessman. He began to attend lectures of famous people, who have achieved recognition in various industries, and in General, these lectures were given abroad. He reviewed all the musicals on Broadway, Las Vegas and Paris, visited the concerts of world stars. The experience he amassed in such a short span of time, has opened doors for him to work with the superstars of our music – Philip Kirkorov, the show which sounds now a large number of songs for Alexis, and, of course, his life’s dream by Alla Pugacheva. By the way, the first meeting of Alex and Alla have happened at a private party where he was invited Alex as a celebrity composer.