Автор интернет-хита «Малахов, не уходи!» сравнил кумира с Бэтменом The young blogger told how he created a video and what did you feel when the main editor of the project “StarHit” said his work. Anton Kodachi also shared their memories about the programs, which were conducted by Andrey Malakhov.
Автор интернет-хита «Малахов, не уходи!» сравнил кумира с Бэтменом

“Your song made my day!” – written by our editor in his blog, uploading a video in which a young guy in the orange shirt sings “don’t go, please don’t… don’t go, Andrei Malakhov”. The author videos on the topic of the day was 24-year-old blogger Anton Kodachi, who became famous in the blogosphere in February of this year thanks to the clip of the infamous Diana Shurygina. He scored 500 thousand views.

Автор интернет-хита «Малахов, не уходи!» сравнил кумира с Бэтменом“Andrew’s love since the childhood, – admitted Anton “StarHit”. – My grandmother Lida saw every episode of his program – the first of the “Big wash”, then “Let them talk”. Remember how she cried when heroes program told is something touching, and Andrew supported them. He’s very human TV presenter. All will hear it.

Malakhov similar to Batman. I realized this when six months ago was personally involved in the program dedicated to Diana Shurygina, and had the pleasure to watch idol live. It’s as if he is the guardian of justice, honest and kind. More such presenters. Words and music written in two hours. So strong were the emotions after the news that Andrew goes with “the First channel”. The clip was removed the next day together with my girl Lily, assembled, showed friends…

Reaction was mixed: some said that it is not necessary to post on the Network, someone liked it. But for me the main thing that Andrew appreciated my efforts. When I saw that he posted a video, caught his breath – so happy.”