Автор решающей шайбы на Олимпиаде подарил своему тренеру машину Cyril Whims are not stingy on the gorgeous gift. A young hockey player decided to thank my first mentor Andrew Luchansky. The man is happy that the athlete was able to achieve remarkable success in 20 years.
Автор решающей шайбы на Олимпиаде подарил своему тренеру машину

The Russian hockey team for the first time in 26 years was able to win at the Olympic games. The decisive goal against Germany was scored by 20-year-old Kirill Whims.

The national team of Russia on hockey for the first time in 26 years won at the Olympics

The young athlete began his career in Novokuznetsk. He was a member of the professional club “metallurg”, which is coach Andrew Luchansky. However, at the age of 16 years old hockey player moved to another team “Kuznetsk Bears”, then became the star of the Ufa “Salavat Yulaev”, and later – and CSKA.

Despite the fact that Cyril was coached by various mentors, he could not thank his first teacher Andrew Luchansky. The man admitted that as a thank you to the Vagaries gave him the car – this happened immediately after it became known about participation of an athlete in the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

“The composition was called on 25 January. After three days go to the gym, and on ice the car is worth. At first I did not understand. Her dad brought his mom, and he ordered from Moscow”, – said the coach of the new hockey stars.

Luchansky glad that his former ward well develop a career in sport. He believes that this is partly the merit of his coaches who understand the potential of the young person.

Parents of Cyril, in turn, realizes that after clogged the decisive goals for their son fall fame and popularity. However, they are not afraid that too much attention will ruin the character of the young athlete. “This is a lot of leverage on our side. As well as from its partners and friends. The guy he’s a grown, smart and good. I think should not with him to be like this,” says the father Kaprizova.

But Cyril himself does not consider himself better than other players, despite the fact that he became a star of the Olympics. He was glad that he was able to lead the team to victory. The player also disappointing that many are watching to see what he does with the money earned.

“It’s very frustrating as we pay attention to the cars. We Nesterov (Nikita Nesterov, defender of the KHL’s CSKA. – Ed.) talked on this subject. He told me that in America do not steamed, and who has a transport. We should definitely have a cool car. But again – it’s not about me. I don’t follow the news, do not study magazines. Bought and bought… We are building a house in the country”, – said Kirill in his interview to “Sport-Express”.

By the way, last night was held the ceremony of awarding the Olympians the keys of prestigious cars. All gold medalists received a BMW X6 silver BMW X5, bronze – BMW X4. Sets of keys athletes were presented with the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The President of the country Vladimir Putin presented awards to all of our Olympic medalists the order of Friendship and the medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland”.