The author of “Game of thrones” what makes him kill the heroes

Автор «Игры престолов» рассказал, что заставляет его убивать героев

The series “Game of thrones” continues to break records. In addition to the title of the series with the largest audience, with the best scenes of battles, “Game of thrones” also scored in a negative way.

To date, the number of those killed in Teleostei characters exceeds 400 people.

Estimates of deaths made by one of fans “the Game…” and wondered: “Why did the author of the story is so merciless to the characters?”

This question George Martin was heard and that’s what he says about this: “the Truth is that all men must die, as we say in “Game of thrones”.

According to Martin, it is impossible to write about war and violence “without death”. “If you want to be honest, it should be reflected on your main characters”, he added.

Note that the unexpected heavy and tragic for all fans was the death of the hero of John snow performed by Keith Harrington. As you know, the snow is already raised, but that doesn’t mean the death of fans ‘ favorite characters will no longer be stated in the note.

Incidentally, the “murder” of snow Martin was deliberately, because he considers “cheating” the death of only minor contributors to the epic history.

“You are beginning to live forever just because you are a cute child or best friend of the hero or a hero. Sometimes the hero dies, at least in my books. I love all his characters, and they are always hard to kill, but I know that it must be done. I try to think that they are killed not me. They kill other heroes. I take all the blame”, – concluded the writer, the author of the book series “a Song of Ice and Fire” on the basis of which actually charged “Game of thrones”.


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