Автор «Игры Престолов» получил престижную премию

The famous American writer George Martin received a prestigious Irish award “International Recognition Award from the Irish Book Awards”. Its writer was awarded for the contribution to the literature.

Автор «Игры Престолов» получил престижную премию

George Martin is the most known to us as the author of the book series “Game of Thrones” that over the last ten years has reached the peak of popularity, thanks to the eponymous TV series from HBO. And though Martin still did not finish the final Chapter of the cycle (and this despite the fact that the film has been shot), his talent remains undeniable for art connoisseurs. More than once the author has received awards as the “Game of Thrones” and other stories, which he has many!

The last award George Martin received 20 Aug. According to the publication “The Bookseller”, at a special ceremony in Dublin (Ireland), he was awarded the “International Recognition Award”.

Its writer has received for his significant contribution to the development of fantasy and science fiction in the last forty years (Yes, you didn’t dream, Martin began to write in 1970-ies).

The Chairman of the award “the Irish Book Awards” Mary Dickinson, noted that “Game of thrones” is a landmark book of its time.

This book is an iconic artifact of popular culture, a guide for foreign policy, the place a heated debate about the nature of power and interaction of good and evil. commented Dickinson. – “A song of ice and fire” has become something more than an outstanding book series. She ascended to the Pantheon of books of such famous authors as gjoa Ronald Reuel Tolkien and Clive staples Lewis.

It is important that books 70-year-old Martin knows how to not only write, but sell for good money. So, in General, George Martin sold for 5.95 million books at 48.1 million pounds worldwide.

Previous winners of the award at the Irish Book Awards” are writers David Walliams, Jilly Cooper, bill Bryson and Jeffrey Archer.

It is worth noting that the first novel of the series “a Song of ice and fire”, titled “Game of Thrones”, George Martin published in 1996. While written only five books out of seven planned. The sixth of the “winter Wind,” Martin plans to complete next year.

Based on the books of the cycle, the HBO filmed vosmitonny the series “Game of thrones”, which became one of the most successful on television and each time gets records to display. This year the series ended. His last seasons were filmed only on the sketches of the plot of the last books of “a Song of ice and fire”, because their Martin hasn’t finished. But, however, the plot of the series and had previously split up with what is happening in the books.

Like the book, the series has become one of the most popular in history, and its actors have gained worldwide fame and large royalties. To say goodbye to “Game of Thrones” it was difficult for them. Keith Harington, who plays Jon snow — one of the main characters even had to be treated for alcohol dependency, as after the final he began to drink. The other actress Emilia Clarke has repeatedly said that it was hard to say goodbye to the drama. This is despite the fact that during them she experienced a serious illness after which spruce survived.

Seem to miss the series won’t be only one person – George Martin. In a recent interview with The Guardian he stated that he was happy, because now he’s not burdened by the shackles of “Game of Thrones” and he can write in a familiar tempo, then had to brake or not to get ahead of the film, or asked him to write faster.

— There have been several years when, if I finish a book that could overtake the series, and then the stress was terrible. I don’t think it was very good for me because what was I to accelerate, actually slowed. Every day I sat down to write and even if I had a good day (and that three or four written pages ), I felt terrible because all the time I thought: “Oh my God, I need to finish the book. I’ve only written four pages, but would have 40 – confessed to George Martin.

Also, the writer added that he had good days and bad, but stress is much less, although it is still present

I’m sure when I finish “dreams of spring” (the final part of a cycle of novels), you’ll have to tie me to the Ground, — said Martin.

Recall, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa stark, said that “Game of Thrones” became her sexual education. Also, the actress could not resist and told the ending of the show her husband, who recently celebrated a birthday and received a cake with the Iron throne instead of cherries. Kit Harington on the contrary hide the ending from his wife rose Leslie, also played his lover in the series.

Recently a teaser of the Christmas Comedy featuring star of “Game of Thrones” Emilia Clarke.

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