The author of “Game of thrones” George Martin will visit Russia

Автор «Игры престолов» Джордж Мартин посетит Россию

The famous writer George RR Martin, author of a series of novels “a Song of ice and fire” on which the HBO takes the series “Game of thrones” graced the audience. As it became known, Martin will come to the book festival, which will take place in St. Petersburg from 18 to 21 August this year. About it journalists were told by Natalia Vitko, the organizer of the festival.

“The guest of honor of the St. Petersburg fantastic Assembly this year will be the author of “Game of thrones”” said Natalia and added that the representative of the writer has already confirmed his presence.
Recall now that George is working on the sixth novel of the series “winter Wind” at that time, as the series comes to an end. At some point the project became to get ahead of the writer, and the writers had to come up with your story. In the end, they agreed that the script and novels will live their lives without interfering. Thus in the book readers have another chance to meet characters with whom he dealt bloodthirsty writers of the TV show.
Fearing that the complete novels it may not make it, an elderly writer was prescribed in his will the rest of the story and identified colleagues who trust to add them in the event of his premature death.