The audience have been hounding Julia Menshovoj

Зрители устроили травлю Юлии Меньшовой
Discussing “failure” of the presenter.

Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin

In the programme “Tonight” next reshuffle. As it became known, indefinitely Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova will no longer co-host. Tandem two stars were not appreciated by the audience appreciated. Now max and Julia will be removed in the program separately from each other: in some editions, will be the leading Galkin, in other Menchov. This became known from the social networks, where there was already a teaser show in the new format.

It is worth noting that the creative Union Menshovoj and Galkin from the beginning had the audience a lot of questions, like, who thought to make them co-host the popular program? Fans in the nines criticized the first editions of the TV show with two leading and continued every week to Express their dissatisfaction. The main complaint of viewers concerned the manners Menshovoj to lead the program. Julia even had to justify to critics. However, she was sure, that will work together with Galkin, just need time…

In comments to the news that Galkin and Menchov was divided, there were hundreds of comments from users of the Network with negative remarks about Julia. “I am against Menshovoj, it is an extra on this show”, “Julia should be in another program, it is not given to impromptu communication”, “Finally. She interrupts”, “Well, that Menshovoj no. Let’s hope forever,” “Releases, where Julia one — you can even cut, Hooray! Without Julia better!” “I hope that Maxim will conduct one this transfer. Unfortunately, Julia does not pull” — written by viewers in the microblog Galkin.

Menshova, by the way, poison on page Galkina, but in her own microblog. The other day one of the enemies left a review about the performance with the participation of Yulia, criticizing her acting talent. She recommended that all unhappy in this case, not to attend her performances.