The audience has unveiled the finalist of “the Bachelor”

Зрители рассекретили финалистку «Холостяка» Fans found out the girl on the fragment of the announcement. The final episode of the popular show “the Bachelor” on channel TNT have aired in a few weeks. However, fans of the program already trying to guess who will be the darling of the enviable groom.
Зрители рассекретили финалистку «Холостяка»

In March on the TNT channel launched the fifth season of the cult show “the Bachelor.” This time the protagonist was actor Elijah Glinnikov. For a young man’s heart had decided to run 25 girls from across the country. But the main battle will reach only those participants who managed to conquer artist. Despite the fact that the names of the finalists are in the secret, the viewers managed to decipher one of the beauties.

So, according to fans of the project, in the final series will appear exactly Madina Tamova. Recall that in the first minutes on the show, the girl was able to impress not only the bachelor, but also on the other participants. Fans of the program still enthusiastically recall how Oriental beauty appeared in the frame on horseback surrounded by brothers. Then she got the first impression rose.

Now the party is one of the most talked about. Besides the fact that the audience does not doubt its victory, they are after each series is willing to write the brunette’s compliments and good wishes on Instagram. “Honey, you’re the best!” “Ilyusha already in love with you!”, “You are a great couple! Put you in the finals!”, comment followers the posts in the microblogging beauty.

However, it is unknown whether the fans are right in your assumption. Despite the fact that the girl on the piece of the announcement is really similar to Madina, to know the truth can only be in the semi-finals of “the Bachelor.”

And yet the loyal fans of the show enjoy another series in which the main bachelor in the country chooses one. By the way, Ilya even before the program aired said, genuinely worried about the fate of the participants. He had no doubt that each of the beauties still find true love. The participant of the show “the Bachelor” made Ilya Glinnikov suffer

“I’m sorry girls, I gave you the waiver, especially those who have reached the final. There are seething with serious passion, because we have already formed some kind of relationship. I was hurt too, believe me. To say “no” sometimes is more complicated than “Yes”. I am grateful for the invaluable experience the son of errors difficult. Most importantly, remember: the only thing we can do is make a choice, but unless the choice is made, everything is possible”, – told the artist.