The audience chose the winner of the “New American idol”

Зрители выбрали победителя «Новой Фабрики звезд»
Victor Drobysh commented on the results of the music contest.

Guzel Khasanova

Photo: Social Networks

Yesterday completed a four-month marathon season, “New American idol”. To become the best artist fought 16 candidates, but only one of them was destined to win. In the final of the music competition featured six future stars, but the best of them were recognized Guzel Khasanova.

Viewers responded differently to win, Guzel, many were disappointed with the results of the vote. Noticed it and the producer of “New star Factory” Victor Drobysh. After the final, he left the publication in social networks, where he spoke about what understand why many are unhappy with the outcome of the contest. “Happy! Beautiful. It was Your Choice, someone probably disappointed, but most of Guzel. Personally I would accept the victory of any of the finalist. Thank You for the experience,” thanked the audience Drobysh.

Your path to this victory Khasanova since the age of four years. It was then that the girl’s parents took her to vocal lessons. Guzel, a Tatar by nationality, graduated from high school with a gold medal. She then received a law degree from rgung them. Gubkin. After Guzel got a serious education, she decided to connect his life with music. Then followed a few auditions. Khasanova took part in the TV show “X Factor-5”, but quickly left the project. And then she pulled the lucky ticket and got custody of the Drobysh. His victory Guzel devoted brother, who supports Khasanov.