Нападение на солиста группы «На-на» было вызвано местью Because of the aggressive men Mikhail Igonin was injured. The soloist of group “on-On” came face to face with his assailant, and he apologized. The malefactor told that because of the singer he broke up with the girl.

      Нападение на солиста группы «На-на» было вызвано местью

      In mid-July, fans of the group “on-On” was seriously scared for the health of one of the youngest team members of Michael Igonina. The singer is always surrounded by a crowd of fans, many of whom wish to get to know him better. However, on that fateful day in the crowd he did not notice the attacker, who carried out his evil plan in front of the rest of the soloists of the group.

      The young man, whose identity was later found by the police, ran to Igonina and clocked him in the face with a cake. The unexpectedness of the singer bounced back. Apparently, in that time he had pinched. A musician with a smile, ate up the remains of sweet, and then went to the hospital to fix the injury.

      Night of love is over for the soloist “on-On” in the hospital

      After x-rays revealed that the attack on Michael resulted in damage to the vertebrae. Members of the group “on-On” went to the police station to write a statement on the offender. All this time they were concerned with only one question – for which he received in the face with cake Igonin.

      The truth only came out now. Police tracked down the attacker. He explained that in this way decided to take revenge on Michael for an intimate relationship with his girlfriend. For singer the man allegedly had to break up with his girlfriend. By the way, the soloist of the famous band was not able to remember what the fairer sex was going on, reports NTV. However, an apology from the useless avenger Michael didn’t wait, because the young person considers the injured party himself.

      Interestingly, the participants “on-On” just want justice and the law to punish the villain. Moral damages, the musicians intend to evaluate in the near future and to obtain his payment through the courts.

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