The attack in the skies over Sinai as relatives of the victims survived this year

Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год “StarHit” to find out how is life in people who have lost loved ones in the crash. Last year on a flight from Sharm El Sheikh to will Sanut-Petersburg, ended the lives of 224 people.

      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год

      On the last day of October, the flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg, and then suddenly disappeared from the radar controllers. The airliner exploded in the sky after 23 minutes after takeoff, of the 224 people no one survived… Only a few weeks it became clear: a terrorist attack. Under the photos of the victims still appear words of sorrow: “I do Not believe!”, “Miss you”. Even after a year, moms and dads, daughters and sons, grandparents, friends just don’t believe in the death of a loved one.

      Give paw

      Leonid Gordin and Alexander Illarionov from St. Petersburg a few months postponed a trip to Egypt. Wanted to save money, to spend more time in the sunshine… Now their parents were only photos in which the children are so happy. In memory of the son of Valery Gordin has established a charitable Fund for homeless animals.

      “Leon has always loved to Tinker with the four-legged, – told the “StarHit” a family friend Igor. – Dragged home kittens from the streets, nursed them, gave then friends, then neighbors. When I became older, the love for our younger brothers not fade away”.

      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год

      First he earned money transferred to the account of one of the St. Petersburg orphanage. Even joined the ranks of volunteers rescuing animals. So Valery decided to create this nursery. And named it in honor of his son –”Linkin cat.” Leonid Gordin, after the death left a pet cat named view user profile. Four-legged friend waiting for the owner still.

      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год“Kysya became a real guardian angel Fund, – Igor continues. – Remember, as Leon picked up the kitten six years ago. And a month before the tragedy eared comrade suddenly disappeared – ran away. The family was looking for a pet, posting notices throughout the district. Wayward Kysya showed up himself – a few days before departure the owner to the warm sea came to the threshold of the apartment. The cat was found, and Leon, a happy, went to rest…”
      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год


      Petersburger Roman Polenov was an avid traveler. Finland, Austria, India is only the beginning of his way, which so early cut short… a 30-year-old boy wanted to go everywhere. Egypt is no exception. In the land of pyramids, Polenov went with a girl Tatiana Mokievsky. The couple spent days at the beach and in the evening Roma had arranged for Tanya romantic dinners in restaurants. The lovers wanted to get married after the trip. But the celebration wasn’t meant to be.

      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год

      “After the death of Romka I was not himself – says the “StarHit” the boy’s father Anatoly Ulianov. – Whether the stress effect, whether the son of heaven gives signs, but I began to notice inexplicable things. For example, in December of last year I read a book by Haruki Murakami “Dance, dance, dance”. The head was laid the scene with a broken Elevator. And the next day I haunted the song “Rock-n-roll this night” the group “Chaif”. There is a line “…But the night’s far spent, and the Elevator did not go.” Whispering to her all day, but did not attach importance… in a few days, heard about the misfortune in the family is my favorite TV host Evgenia Kochergina. His daughter crashed, falling into the Elevator shaft of their own home. Then realized that the signs I had an ulterior motive.”

      Mysterious events began to haunt Anatoly every day. Polenov even became interested in numerology.

      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год“My son is in social networks the last photo where he is sitting astride an elephant, he continues. I removed the word “elephant” a couple of letters: “SL” and “he.” Suddenly noticed that the letter “O” occupies the 16th place in the alphabet, “H” – 15-E. On simple math: 16+15=31 and 1+6+1+5=13. The real magic of numbers: Roma was born on the 13th, and died on the 31st… In my observations until no one believes. Yes, and don’t want to impose. I have to live with it”.

      But Anatoly is actively sharing plans with friends. He recently decided to quit my job for many years was selling sausages – and to dedicate his life to travel.

      “Rommie always told me: “Dad, you’re 55! It’s time to retire, there is nothing health, to consume, to rest is also necessary”. Not I was listening to it, they all said, “still have Time”. Now decided to change my life. Quit my first job and moved with his wife away from the city to the country. Now planning to ride around the world. Believe that the son will be always with us!”


      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год

      Nikita Kharitonov from the small town of Shlisselburg lost in the plane crash in Sinai almost the entire family in the ill-fated plane with the rest returned by his parents, Leonid and Oksana, and younger sister Anastasia, she was only 13. The girl was the first out of 224 victims, who identified relatives. Nastya didn’t want to go to Egypt, but my parents managed to convince her, especially since it was school holidays – they say, need to relax, gain strength before the new quarter.

      Happy accident or not, but Nikita insisted, and refused to travel. Young man just returned from the army, wanted to stay home, spend time with friends. Transportation of the bodies, all funeral services and the installation of monuments then took over the municipal government of the city. And cope with grief 23-year-old boy helped grandmother Rimma Nesterenko and his girlfriend Anna.

      Теракт в небе над Синаем: как родные погибших пережили этот год

      “Anya was waiting for him from the army, shared the pain of losing family, supported struggling – says “StarHit” friend Kharitonov Alexander. – They have met at school have never seen, even once swearing or arguing. A few months after the tragedy they decided to get married. And in September they had a daughter looks like her sister Nastya. The guys didn’t call it in memory of someone departed – neither Oksana nor Anastasia – wanted to the girl was to his own fate. Nikita every day recalls mom and dad, keep their belongings, photographs. What a pity that his parents will not take up her first granddaughter…”