Атлет продал олимпийскую медаль, чтобы спасти ребенка

This story touched to tears. The Polish discus thrower Piotr Malakhovsky sold the silver medal I won in Rio, to help severely ill boy…

After the athlete won the second place in Rio, he in social networks has begun to come a huge number of messages of congratulations. But one letter has make him to forget about the victory…

Peter was my mother’s three year old boy of Olek, who suffers from retinoblastoma, or cancer of the eye. The woman reported that, despite the dreadful name of the disease, the child can be saved. But it needs money for the operation in new York, where her family is, unfortunately, no.

The athlete responded to the request immediately and decided to sell the most precious thing he has – a silver medal.

“To medal at the Olympics is the main dream of all athletes. And I did everything I could to come to victory. Unfortunately, this time to gold did not work, but fate has rewarded me with silver… Immediately after the race I got a letter from mom the little Olek, who needed money for an operation in new York… I want to help Olek and pass medal obtained in Rio, in the auction. All the money will be donated to the family of Olek,” wrote English in Facebook.

The post athlete immediately spread in the network, and his medal, according to the sources, was sold to Polish billionaires Dominica and Sebastian was Kulczyk over 126 thousand dollars.

Also at the request of the athlete responded to his friends, colleagues and fans, transferring the money to the mother of Olek.

And it seems to us that the act of Piotr malachowski proves that the main victory is not determined by the accumulation of awards, and good deeds.


Not so long ago the media was discussing the act of the Dutch rider’s adalind’s Cornelissen, who had refused to participate in competitions in Rio for the sake of your horse. Read more HERE.

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