The assumption angered fans with demonstration of a life of luxury

Успенская разозлила поклонников демонстрацией роскошной жизни
Angry fans have advised the singer to moderate appetites and to consult a professional nutritionist.

Успенская разозлила поклонников демонстрацией роскошной жизни

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: Olga Loskutova

Lyubov Uspenskaya brought down on themselves
the wrath of fans by posting in the microblog innocent
post. In any case, so it seemed to the singer. The star posted a picture
unusual sandwich. “I advise everyone in the New year the original
food I just made, — shared Love. — Thinly sliced
brown bread, thinly sliced bacon, and top caviar black is better. Not
it turned out, looks like a cake!”

“Black, right? I have until the New year there are 1238
rubles! What black caviar on red, not all the money is. People sausage
you will get there, and you about the red caviar, and better black?! Snickering. The elderly
would be better helped in nursing homes! Us mere mortals on this sandwich
year work to do! Well, we have in the country now
all red and black caviar choke. Looks like a feast during the plague!” — wrote an angry to the limit fans.

Surprised them and the fact that the assumption you are eating such high-calorie foods. Someone
even wrote that he has a professional nutritionist, and he did
it “caps”. Many simply agreed that such a combination is not
only rich in calories but tasteless.