Азиатские актёры сериала «Гавайи 5.0″ покинули телепроект из-за несправедливой оплаты

We have heard that actress in the film industry for some reason get paid less than men actors. As it turned out, there is in this industry, and racial inequality. According to the publication Metro, the actors-Asian Daniel Day Kim and grace Park that have been in the series since the first day of shooting, were forced to leave the project, indignant inequality of payment.

This year on the screen comes the eighth season of the series, but Daniel and grace, who played Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, we will not see. As it turned out, the artists learned that all this time they were paid 15% less than their white colleagues Alex O Locline and Scott Kaahu. The artists appealed to the leadership of CBS with a reasonable observation to compare the payment, note the same work, however, to achieve constructive change failed and they decided not humiliate yourself such injustice.
“We are very grateful for the tremendous talents of Daniel and grace, excellence and the Aloha spirit that they brought to each of our 168 episodes. They have contributed to “Hawaii 5.0″ and we wish them all the best in their endeavors,” reads the official statement of the representative of CBS. But words are not enough fans of the series accuse the channel of dishonesty and called a “disgrace” the way they did with the actor and actress. Some of the audience promise not to watch the show without your favorite characters, and it may not sickly impact on the rating of the project and lead to its closure.
Recall that the “Hawaii 5.0”, a Remix of the popular ‘ 70s TV series of the same name, was released in an updated version in 2010.