The artist revealed the truth about the relationship with Olga Buzova

Семен Слепаков раскрыл всю правду об отношениях с Ольгой Бузовой
The showman explained why publicly questioned the mental abilities of the presenter.

Simon Slepakov

Photo: OK Live

One of the recent hits poetic Seeds
Slepakova, dedicated to Olga Buzova, called the web an unprecedented boom.
Fans of the leading “House-2” “pounced” on the showman for what he called Olga
a fool and made fun of her crazy popularity. After some time Slepakov
he has dotted the i.

“We Buzova
went to the same program on TNT to star. We know each other for many
years. She noted me on Instagram and I said, “Let me some poem
funny you come up with?” Came up with a poem. I there at all did not hurt. There I say
all this for hype — said Semyon in the project Studio OK.Live. — I called her a fool that she
I pointed out again in this his Instagram. I said, “Yes you are normal, it
all for the sake of hype”. And no one finish. I have already written that your fans Olga
Buzova wasn’t worried: Olga herself was laughing at this poem”.

However, time for the showdown with
fans Buzova Seeds Slepakova not now. Full swing it
work on the series “house arrest”.

“It comes out April 2 on channel TNT, will be
a lot to say, I hope — said the showman. — The main thing that about it and after
said, not only to. We are still in the process of shooting, and in parallel we are
installation. It is very difficult. I’m a screenwriter, a producer, and I am a person who
always sitting on the Playground all the time unhappy with what is happening. I am
the bastard that everything is not love. The person who wrote all and wants to
it turned out as funny as he intended”.

One of the main roles in the series went to Svetlana
Khodchenkova. Slepakov explained how she got into the project.

“They called me and say: “There is such an actress
Svetlana Khodchenkova name, it should play you in the movie.” I have had it
take “to pull,” says Simon. — Just kidding, of course. Light Khodchenkova —
superstar. I’d say that. Calls that come in, and we do sometimes go
to meet and have some samples, but the viewer can’t be deceived. And
the Director is impossible to deceive. Given the budget for these projects and the people who
see it, must be a complete idiot to shoot someone to pull. Us
it is impossible to influence”.