The artist retorted to a journalist who criticized Mikhail Zadornov

Семен Слепаков резко ответил журналисту, раскритиковавшему Михаила Задорнова The comedian reacted to a post about the work of the famous satirist. According to the Seeds Slepakova, journalist Yury Saprykin behaved incorrectly, writing a negative article about the late actor shortly after his death.

The death of Mikhail Zadornov shocked many of his colleagues and fans. Over a long period of time man has struggled with cancer. Relatives refused to comment on the state of health of the satirist, but the rumors about his deteriorating health appeared regularly.

On 10 November, a famous comedian died, and soon the journalist Yury Saprykin dedicated to the tragic event in your post Telegram channel. Man made unflattering comments about Zadornov, noting that the satirist for many years operated only one theme in their rooms.

“I wonder what the point of care Zadornov Russia has become in many household terms like the West, which struck him thirty years ago, and American institutions something really does not look brilliant. However, from a heritage of the author offhand I can recall only one conversation from the old story,” said Saprykin.

The article of the journalist has angered many fans of Mikhail Nikolayevich. In his defense stood up and the other a well-known comedian Simon Slepakov. He noted that he prefers not to engage in polemics of this kind, but this case considers egregious. In the opinion of the resident Comedy Club, Yury Saprykin has behaved improperly in relation to the family and fans of the satirist. He condemned the author of a controversial post for a desire to capitalize on the sad event.

“I can hardly imagine that after the death of George Carlin in America went about it this article. I remember as a teenager watching concerts Zadornov and laughed. Sincerely laughed because the humor was simple, clear and qualitative. And my friends laughed and my parents and others, not the most stupid people,” said Slepakov.

According to Seeds, Michael N. was the mouthpiece of the era, a man who was not afraid to joke in the disputed, often politicized topic. However, the main advantage of creativity Zadornov Slepakov believes sincerity. In the opinion of the humorist, the artist is known very accurately were able to understand the shortcomings of the Russian people and wrap them in bright, not offensive to the audience jokes.

Fans were quick to support the Seeds and noted that the death of the satirist became a real tragedy for millions of people across the country. “I liked Zadornov, despite the fact that his recent performances I didn’t like. But he was a really decent man”, “I Express my condolences to the family and friends. It is a pity that now they have to deal with such negativity in the address of the great humorist”, “Zadornov will never forget, but post Saprykin tomorrow no one will remember,” said Slepakova subscribers in social networks.

Recall that on 12 November will be a farewell to Mikhail Zadornov. The ceremony will be intimate, and it will be visited by only close friends and relatives of the artist. A funeral star will be held later in Latvia.