Художник устроил выставку картин только для собак

Four-legged pattern was offered chicken legs, done in blue and yellow colors, as well as installations in the form of open Windows in the car, where every dog could stick his head.

We all want to be known as a people of cultural, for the sake of it, we read clever books, visited international exhibitions, listen to classical music. But it is only the adult family members, children have to make, and here our Pets and completely deprived of the opportunity to touch the beautiful. Although the owners have repeatedly noted that our four-legged at least a great ear for music – as video spread over the Internet, where dogs or cats sing along with your favorite performers. Hence, they have this craving for beauty!

Artist Dominic Wilcox decided to help them and organized the first interactive exhibition of contemporary art for the dogs! Yes, you heard right, it was for dogs. Be the first to evaluate it are English Pets.

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All exhibits are for convenience of animals placed near the floor. And the painting was made only in blue-yellow and grey colours – it is believed that dogs can only distinguish these colors.

Dominic Wilcox claims that all the tracks were written specifically for this exhibition. In principle, doubts this fact is not, because most of the paintings depicted only then, be able to evaluate only four-legged friends: the chicken, the letters sticking out of the mailbox, as well as the forest and running around the dog Park.

In addition to paintings of dogs offered and other exhibits. For example, the simulator car Windows, from which everyone, the dog can be put out, and on the other hand will blow the fan, so that was a real feeling that the car hurtles down the road.

Another exhibition is the pool balls, resembling dry food. A stand on which is fixed the pool, made in the form of a green lawn.

In General, the owners and their Pets was ecstatic! No wonder the organisers put such a force, they say, they even consulted with breeders and veterinarians to make the exhibition interesting and convenient for our beloved Pets.

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