Семен Слепаков извинился перед сборной России
The showman asked the players for forgiveness and thanked him for the game.

Simon Slepakov

On the eve of the world Cup Simon
Slepakov, the hallmark of which have long been “caustic” songs
on the topic of the day, recorded a song about the Russian team. In it, the showman disdainfully
praised the talents of our players.

After the brilliant performances of domestic
players Slepakov and the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has recorded
a new song about the Russian team. At this time, the artists apologized to
players noticed that earlier, mistaken in his views: “Excuse us, guys
we really ***. You do not believe we are Holy, not keeping the fists”.

July 7, Russia lost to Croatia in the struggle for access to the
semi-final: at the end of an incredibly tense game, the score was 3:4 in favor
Croats. Fans support players and we are confident that the team performed
in the championship more than adequately.

Not remained aloof and artist, which
colleagues and fans know to be a fair person and reasonable. “It
the post gratitude and support of the national team of Russia on football. You guys really
cool. I’m sorry if someone offended you with their creativity. All was fair,
from the heart. Feelings of hopelessness, which before the tournament filled all.
Now it is not so. Thank you for that. It was powerful and enchanting. For me you are
lost, and nicely stepped aside, as polite hosts, who all the
the better to give guests. You have every reason to be proud because we are proud of
you,” wrote Simon.