The army requires child support from Anisina those

Джигурда требует алименты от Анисиной

The name of Nikita Dzhigurda recently mentioned in the press exclusively in a controversial context. A showman, not long ago divorced his wife Marina Anisina those and also became a party to the case regarding the inheritance Ludmila Bratash. Sister of the late Bratash Dzhigurda suspected of involvement in the death of Lyudmila. In turn, Nikita made a statement in reply towards the relatives of his godfathers.

These scandalous showdown not benefited the reputation Dzhigurda, which, as he says, he lost his job and lucrative contracts.

Now Nikita turns to his ex-wife Anisina those with the requirement to provide it until he employed: “I’m disabled — quoted Dzhigurda “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – All my planned contracts collapsed. And it has occurred including because of this scandalous story will beat me and I couldn’t fly to America, where I have planned the contract. I have undermined health. And now I’m without any money. In fact, I became disabled. So Nikita should pay me a living wage – because it works.”

Anisina term, to ensure ex-wife not happy. She refuses to do so, as Morrice it connects nothing and also Nikita not disabled and could work.

The representative Dzhigurda does not exclude that in case of failure Anisina those to pay owed child support, the artist will go to court.