The appearance of Yulia Proskuryakova again ridiculed in the Network

Внешний вид Юлии Проскуряковой снова высмеяли в Сети
35-year-old wife of Igor Nikolaev called the grandmother.

Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: Instagram

Despite the fact that the singer Julia Proskuryakova often
becomes the object of too much attention of web users
behavior which cannot be called friendly, she again and again
is in the midst of controversial discussions. One of the last photos,
that the wife of Igor Nikolaev has published in his microblog, caused
followers the whole range is not a holiday of emotions. The picture shows Julia with no
cosmetics sealed with a towel on his head, for which he was criticized.

“I do not recognize her. What kind of grandma?”, “That I do not understand!
Why put it in the net its most unfortunate terrible photo? Because in life, you
Julia is much better! What is the logic?” — ask questions subscribers.

This time the singer did not respond to criticism
but Proskuryakov gave a decisive rebuff to the Network users when they “hounded”
the published multiple photos with a new hairstyle: Julia got a haircut
and she had bangs.

“Dear advice, if I listened to everything you
say, then I wouldn’t have no family, no child. And I would not be
an actress, singer. I would not have the courage, as you advise me not to sing
and can not be removed. I wouldn’t have no kids, no family… no bangs. It is, incidentally,
I really like it, I loved it. My husband, friends and family, everyone loves
my hair. All the goodness, and stop trying to advise!” — recommended Julia.

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