Появление журналистов на площадке «Дома-2» спровоцировало скандал Among the participants of the reality show scuffle. The instigator of a serious conflict was Andrey Chuev. The man literally attacked his colleague. Other residents of the Glade came to the conclusion that it must be placed for a few days in a special “prison”, located on the site.

    Появление журналистов на площадке «Дома-2» спровоцировало скандал

    With an unexpected conflict began a visit of journalists to the most famous telestroke country. The appearance of representatives of the press provoked a real scandal, which involved the inhabitants of the Clearing. When invited to the site the journalists appeared on Calvary, leading Vlad Kadoni looked to the stars reality show with a request to move, as guests of the program needed to be accommodated. However, not all participants were sympathetic to the situation. One of the most striking and controversial of the participants “Houses-2” Andrey Chuev literally snatched on Sergey Zelinsky.

    The man gave to understand that to leave a place he did not intend because it has been several years sitting there. Not hiding aggression, Andrew began to sort things out with a colleague on telestroke, which had nearly led to a serious fight. The fight watched members of the press, among whom was the correspondent of “StarHit”.

    Later, conversing in the living room, the participants “House-2” were quick to speak out about the incident. Andrei Cherkasov, Olga Rapunzel, and many others began to argue with each other about whether to let Cherkasov such antics. Some even suggested it was his place for a few days in the same “prison”, which recently appeared on the site.

    Появление журналистов на площадке «Дома-2» спровоцировало скандал

    Recall that in the framework of the project will now be implemented by the real punishment of those who behave inappropriately. For scandals, insults and fights in a reality show from now on participants will meet in front of a special “judges.”

    Immoral behavior, fights, bases, insults, infidelity, domestic conflicts and other unpleasant things – all of this will go beyond the place of execution. Now every participant and spectator has the right “to sue” on any hero, and the presenters will decide what punishment will overtake the guilty: correctional work, restriction, or even a real arrest from 1 day to 5 days in “prison”, organized at the site of “House-2”.

    Especially for the show “Dom-2”. Judgement day inside the project going to recreate a real judicial structure, with the defendants, the plaintiffs, the defense and prosecution. Judges will be Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina – they will choose the punishment. But the verdict “guilty” or “not guilty” will be determined solely by the participants.

    After a few minutes in the living room, where were the heated discussions occurred, there was himself guilty of a major scandal. Andrey Chuev addressed to all present with a request to forgive him for such audacious behavior. The first man asked for forgiveness from a brand new member Sergei Zelinsky with which almost came to blows on Calvary. Andrey also noted that the blame in front of the guests, who unwittingly witnessed such unpleasant incident. 36-the summer inhabitant of telestroke put it down to problems in his personal life — many well known that the last time his life together with the Marina Afrikantov accompanied by quarrels and scandals. In addition, Andrew conflict with the mother of his beloved Tatyana Vladimirovna.

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