Внешность 15-летнего сына Умы Турман поразила гостей фестиваля в Каннах
Levon had already outgrown his famous mother.

Uma Thurman with her son


Recently Uma Thurman, which is very rarely
appears with children in the audience, brought out his older son, Levon.
Moreover, their joint appearance on the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes
left a very strong impression.

The fact that guests can see
festival, he has almost caught up with the growth of your mother Mind. And
the son of actress is only 15 years old, and the growth of the Minds — 1 meter 83 cm! Besides,
you need to take into account the fact that Thurman was in shoes on high
heels. So Levon, when he
finally grows up, has all the chances to achieve growth under two meters.

Recall that Minds, in addition to the eldest son,
also have a daughter Maya, who, like her brother, Thurman gave birth to their ex-spouse
Ethan Hawke. With hawke, the actress was legally married for 5 years, until
until they broke up in 2003, and in 2005 finally got divorced.

But two senior
children, Thurman also have a daughter from her boyfriend Arpad of Busson. Recall that
Uma and Arpad began Dating in 2007, and a year later announced she was engaged. A year later, Crazy ripped
the engagement and walked away from Arpad. But a few months later I returned, and they lived
together for several years. In 2012, Uma gave birth to a daughter, which my parents gave
inconceivably long and intricate name – Rosalind Arusha
Arkadina Altalena Of Florence. However, they usually called it simply
Moon. When in the autumn of 2014 Thurman made the decision to abandon the
Bussana, both began to challenge the right of the child. At this stage of the judicial
showdown, the victory was for Thurman. But Besson threatened, what else is appealing
the decision.