The anniversary of Rosa Rymbaeva: relations with Shukenova, the death of her husband and pride in children

Юбилей Розы Рымбаевой: отношения с Шукеновым, смерть мужа и гордость за детей On October 28 the singer was 60 years old. On the eve of the Kazakh TV left the program “Let’s talk”, the main character who was Rosa Rymbaeva. The actress told about how to cope with depression, and why he refuses to help his son to develop his musical career.
Юбилей Розы Рымбаевой: отношения с Шукеновым, смерть мужа и гордость за детей

People’s artist of Kazakhstan Roza Rymbaeva this Saturday celebrated an anniversary. The singer is 60 years old, but fans find this hard to believe, because she looks much younger than his age. Career of the singer began over forty years ago with a performance at the song contest, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war.

It was after this event the favorite of millions of listeners got acquainted with the future husband Taskinen Osipovym. And then there was work in the ensemble “Gulder”, “Aray”, a successful solo career. Over time, the repertoire of Roza Rymbaeva replenished with such hits as “alia”, “Love has come”, “Paper cranes” and many others. At the end of 70 years her popularity has reached unprecedented heights, and the songs of the actress are invariably resonated in the hearts of the listeners.

In 1982 the band “Aray”, where he worked as Rosa Rymbayeva, came a young, incredibly talented musician Batyrkhan Shukenov. In an interview with the singer repeatedly told that many years later, when a former colleague died of a heart attack, it shocked her to the core.

The widow of Batyrkhan Shukenov has defended the fees for the songs of her husband

“Shortly before the tragedy we met, talked, joked. It was difficult even to assume that Batyrkhan sick. Now, when performing songs from the repertoire of those years, I think that will sound the saxophone. So it is not enough, he was a real star” – shared experiences artist.
Юбилей Розы Рымбаевой: отношения с Шукеновым, смерть мужа и гордость за детей

Rymbaeva also remembered that Shukenov unexpectedly left the band “Aray”. Then rose Kuanyshevna and her husband had a hard time, because they had to re-recruit musicians for the team to learn the program. However, the former soloist “A-Studio” resentment she was holding. “We all knew that the Warrior needs to evolve, to move on. He went to Moscow, and soon became remarkably popular. We have always maintained friendly relations. Spending time in Kazakhstan, he came to every concert,” said singer.

On the day of death Batyrkhan Shukenov paid off all debts

For many years for career success Rymbaeva answered her husband, Taskyn Okapov. The artist is still hard to tell about the tragic death of a loved one. Spouse star passed away in 1999. For Rymbaeva it was a real blow, because the man did not complain of health. At the time of the tragedy, the artist was pregnant with youngest son MADI.

“Before the accident happened, I was careless singer – Taskin supervised my work, to create all conditions in everyday life and profession, he was my teacher. And after his death I was left to myself. It was a place that could to go to the monastery. Did I weep? Then it was not to tears, and didn’t want the kids to see me crying. Decided I needed to move on. When MADI was four months, gave a concert in memory of his wife,” previously said in an interview with the singer.

In honor of their anniversary, the singer gave an interview for the program “Let speak”. The program began and the children Rose, Kuanyshevna. The sons of Ali and MADI do not hide that proud mother, trying anything it did not disappoint.

“She is very worried about us. Often rings me, and if I at first you don’t pick up the phone and begins to look for Ali. The second call is already coming from the older brother, and he expresses how much mom is going through,” shared MADI of Rymbai.
Юбилей Розы Рымбаевой: отношения с Шукеновым, смерть мужа и гордость за детей

The eldest son of the artist, too, decided to devote his life to the art of music. Young people participated in Kazakhstan’s “star Factory”, where in the end took fourth place. Rymbaeva stresses that it is not engaged in the career of the heir. According to star, Ali himself will be able to achieve success.

Юбилей Розы Рымбаевой: отношения с Шукеновым, смерть мужа и гордость за детей“I don’t carry him along to events, I’m not on stage at his concerts. Ali decided to go on “Factory of stars”, had made good progress. Now he performs as a singer, all the while writing poetry, creating songs, but I can not promote,” said rose Kuanyshevna.
Юбилей Розы Рымбаевой: отношения с Шукеновым, смерть мужа и гордость за детей

Rymbaeva is considered one of the most popular singers in Kazakhstan. Every year it gives several dozen concerts. Singer does not deny that psychological pressure is sometimes too high, but she’s not used to seek the support of friends or relatives. In the program, the star was told, like fighting the flood of depression and despair.

“Sometimes it’s very hard, but I am a strong man that used to complain about family. Better lock myself in my room, take a pillow and it will speak to all their problems. Then it becomes easier,” – shared the singer.

Despite its incredible popularity, the actress can not boast of large fees. It acts mainly in Kazakhstan, but sometimes it comes with concerts to Russia.

Dealing with the publication of “My family” rose Kuanyshevna touched upon the topic of personal life. According to the artist, she will never get married, because still loves the wife of Cascina Osipova, thinking about it every day. Now all the time, the star devotes numerous touring and favorite sons.