Американку оскорбили за лишний вес, а в сети ее возвели в культ

Brynn couldn’t imagine the cry of the soul will see people all over the world: on the page in “Facebook” Huffman of gratitude for writing this letter.

Recent years around the world is a wave of discussions on standards of beauty is a constant topic of debate. But lately, more and more women to prove to the society that it is natural is not ugly. Extra pounds they did not prevent to win podiums, stretch marks on Breasts after childbirth, and to appear in glossy magazines. How to improve the self-confidence to the woman?

Brynn Huffman – an ordinary woman from Texas, who several years later was so embarrassed he decided to allow myself to wear short shorts to the store.

In an attempt to compliment the neighbor on the checkout Brynn received in response to a nasty insult.

“Today I’m wearing denim shorts, a loose white cardigan, flip-flops, and went on business. We are quite hot. It is worth noting, it took me some courage to decide to walk in shorts. I do dancing and swimming, but they are not the legs of my dreams. Alas, I have cellulite, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” the beginning of the story, Brynn.

“So, I went to the supermarket and stood in line at the cashier. In front of me laid out on the tape products a woman of 60. She smiled at me and complimented my hair and skin color: I’m slightly tanned and I really to face. My mood was just great, I thought that too, want to make someone a compliment, and turned to the girl standing behind. She was about 30, maybe 35, and she was really slim, stylish and very attractive. She may not understand my impulse, but I did not have time and mouth open as she said with a smile, “your Hair’s really gorgeous, but the shorts you wore in vain.”

Paint rushed to my face. I balled up my fists so that the nails dug into the palm of your hand. After paying, I came out of the store as fast as I could, on a good mood and left not a trace. I was furious.

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In our society support the idea of gender equality. Equality of all religions. Equality of sexual orientations. Equality of races.

Just not of equal size. Full of person to pry, and no one would blame you because he is guilty, that so fat.

I’ll tell you more: this society is tied to the notion of attraction to thinness. If the movie necessary to play an attractive woman, choose a skinny actress. First look not talent, not natural charm. If it is full, it will not even get to audition. Attractive = skinny. Point.

Listen. Especially women. And remember.

To be full does not mean to be sick.

To be full does not mean to be lazy.

To be full does not mean to be ugly.

To be full does not mean being unwanted.

To be full does not mean to be bad.

We are the same people as everyone else!

You may not like my body. It’s your problem, I was happy with it. It took me years to accept it: I was very dependent on public opinion. After a difficult divorce, clinical depression and conflicts within the family it took me years to love myself.

But I did it. And I want you hear me now: stop the hate. In the world of her too much. Girls, women, stop ridicule each other. Let us come together and we respect each other. Let’s love and appreciate each other. Regardless of what size clothes we buy, we can all wear shorts in the heat. This is normal.”

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