The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina provided proof of kinship

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина предоставил доказательства родства Timur Eremeev showed personal archive. The young man continues to insist that he is the illegitimate child of a famous artist. He’s waiting for the DNA test to put an end to this case.
Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина предоставил доказательства родства

In early October it became known that the actor Timur Eremeev calls himself the son of Spartaka Mishulina – legitimate daughter of the famous artist Carina saw published an interview with one of the publications. The woman was outraged by such a statement. She tries to protect the good name of the father, and therefore asked the court to put an end to this matter. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

Today Timur Yeremeyev appeared again in the Studio program “Let them talk”. He spoke about the new details. The actor said that the lawsuit Karina specified of Mishulin Spartak V. alleged was his tutor.

The alleged son of the famous artist did not hide the fact that he called his dad very often walked near the place where it was seen the window of the dressing room Mishulina. Timur says that the mother frequently waving to him from there.

Mishulina legal wife Valentina said she knew of Timur Eremeeva. The widow of the artist called it a very persuasive young man, because, in her opinion, he was stalking the actor at every step.

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина предоставил доказательства родства

Timur decided to reveal some evidence of kinship with the famous artist. Lawyer Victoria Krylova gave the folder with telegrams, which are stored in the family Eremeevich with trepidation. All short messages addressed to Poste restante. Timur admitted that the mother had kept from her grandmother’s relationship with the actor, and therefore did not give a home address. Presumably Spartak Mishulin sent telegrams from different cities. Timur checked that the date and country of origin coincide with the tour schedule of the theatre of satire, where he worked as an artist.

Eremeev doesn’t hide that communicated with the alleged father on various topics. Daughter Mishulina revealed the sensational truth about why he couldn’t have been born the illegitimate son of

“We were discussing school when I was in school, we discussed the Institute, when I was in College, theatre, performances. I was on almost all his plays,” the actor told.
Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина предоставил доказательства родства

Guests in the Studio discussed the fact that Tatiana Eremeeva two years worked as a Concierge in the building Mishulina. She told me what happened in the apartment of the famous artist, and Timur himself there never appeared. Came to the Studio the husband of Karina Ivan Korobov. He said that the information about the apartment Tatiana is not true.

“Why are you lying? Why is your mother lying? Just behind the scenes were looking in ’74 was dvushka, this was not” – said the man.

Also the spouse of Mishulin believes – Yeremeyev was intended to protect sister from the attacks on the Internet. Leading “Let them talk,” Dmitry Borisov said that Timur and Karina did a DNA test, but this will be discussed in another talk show.