The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina learned the truth about their relationship

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина узнал правду о своем родстве Timur Eremeev received the results of the DNA test. The young man considers himself the illegitimate son of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina. However, the widow and daughter of the artist do not believe the impostor and want to protect the good name of a loved one.
Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина узнал правду о своем родстве

For two months the whole country follows the tangled history of alleged illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. In an interview Timur Yeremeyev told about the relationship with the famous artist. However, the legitimate daughter Karina and the actor’s widow Valentina Konstantinovna defend his good name. They believe that Spartak Vasilyevich could not have other children and provided evidence of his innocence. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

Mom Eremeeva Tatiana, in turn, told the details of her relationship with Mishulin. Mother of Timur Eremeeva declassified expensive gifts from Spartaka Mishulina

Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev decided to do a DNA test to put an end to this dispute. The daughter of the artist found an old suit of his father, where experts have discovered a biomaterial for the study. Today, the program “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov will open the envelope containing the answer to all the question – is the Timur’s son Spartak Vasilyevich.

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Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина узнал правду о своем родстве

Timur justified because he just wants to attract attention and become popular as an actor. “Some special tasks I have,” said Eremeev.

In the Studio we have added the expert, who conducted the study of costume. He again elaborated on how the research took place. Technicians were able to establish that this is indeed a biomaterial Spartaka Mishulina.

“We managed to retrieve all of the chromosomes, and not only those characteristics that are inherited through the male line. The result is full-fledged from the point of view of an expert. The suit is the one” – said the expert.

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина узнал правду о своем родстве

Mother of Timur Eremeeva Tatiana first appeared in the Studio. For two months she refused to show her face and gave comments back to the camera.

“Almost 35 years he was in my life. If he came to me and felt nothing, perhaps, along would not. Valentina Konstantinovna probably knew. He said that anyone should know. I think they know,” said Yeremeyev.

Tatiana told me that she refused to give her son the middle name of the father. According to Timur, he is not going to change the name if a DNA test will give a positive answer.

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина узнал правду о своем родстве

The show’s host, Dmitry Borisov opened the envelope, which contained the results of the examination. Guests in the Studio were very excited. The lawyer said that there were two treatment – from Timur and Karina. Dmitry read more months the research took place.

“The answer to the question of whether Eremeev Mr. Timur Sergeevich to be the son of a male person, on the basis of props belonging Mishulin Spartak Vasilyevich. The probability that he is the biological son is 99,9999%,” – said Borisov.