The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина получил результаты ДНК-теста Karina Mishulina refuses to undergo re-examination. Timur Eremeev ready to pass all the necessary tests. The actress was unpleasant to hear the story of the mother of men about how she met her famous father.
Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина получил результаты ДНК-теста

Not so long ago in the program “Let them talk” met the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina Karina and her alleged brother Timur Eremeev. The actress is adamant and believes that the man is none other than an imposter. She is preparing to call him to account before a court over an article in which he talked about his life and memories about the famous actor. The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina was found with the alleged sister

Today’s leading talk-show Dmitry Borisov continued to sort out the complicated case. As it turned out, they were able to interview the mother of Timur. The woman is not zahotela to show his face. However, she shared memories of his father her child. Dmitry Borisov admitted that he had great difficulty to persuade Tatiana Anatolievna on straight talk.

“In 70-m to year in our school №1 in Vologda. We have the old bridge was made of wood, now it is demolished. There were shooting the scene. After school I went down, saw Spartak Vasilyevich, the students ran. For me this is heaven, I opened my mouth and he said to me: “All such fun-loving, and you are serious. What are your Hobbies?” – the woman told.
Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина получил результаты ДНК-теста

Tatiana remembered that the famous actor left her phone number and was assured that if she will come to Moscow, he is sure to get her tickets to the theater. The woman admitted she had used the help of the artist, and only after he graduated from the Institute. According to her, in those years she kept in touch with Spartak Vasilyevich. When Eremeeva moved to the capital, she began to chat and see Mishulin.

The woman admitted that the famous actor loved the daughter that she remembers very little. Karine was unpleasant to hear such words, and she loudly voiced their outrage, considering it a shame that says the stranger. Tatiana told me that she had helped her lover to do the scenery for his latest plays.

However, the lawyer of the actress Maya Sandler’m sure the theater employees probably would have noticed the woman who came to Mikulino, and spread these rumors.

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина получил результаты ДНК-теста

Karina’s mother Valentina Konstantinova never attached importance to talk about the fact that her husband the news of illegitimate children. “The actors a lot of groupies are girls who are having fun this way,” – said the widow Mishulina.

According to the mother of Timur, Spartak Vasilyevich knew she was expecting a child. Immediately after birth, she called the actor to announce the good news.

The Studio came the expert that brought one of the details Mishulina – a hat which belonged to him.

“The results were controversial. To find out the truth and put an end, now it is necessary to collect samples of DNA for research”, – said the employee of the laboratory.
Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина получил результаты ДНК-теста

However, Karina was adamant – she refused to take any tests without a court order.

Предполагаемый сын Спартака Мишулина получил результаты ДНК-теста“Are we suckers or what. It is necessary to take blood from a vein, do not make us suckers, I’m gonna get up and leave,” said Mishulina.

Timur Eremeev admitted that if the test refutes his relationship with Karina, he is ready to apologize to her family.