Предполагаемый виновник развода Анны Ардовой выступил с заявлением
Maxim Drozd explained how originated the rumors about his affair with the actress.

Предполагаемый виновник развода Анны Ардовой выступил с заявлением

Anna Ardova and Maxim Drozd in the play “Married, but living”

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In March of last year it became known that Anna Ardova and Aleksandr Shavrin divorced after 20 years of marriage. Considerable period family life did not deter the spouses from the gap. The press reported that the actress left her husband because in a new relationship. She attributed the novel with Maxim Drozd. When in December of last year it became known that Shavrin died as a result of cancer, Anna collapsed squal criticism. Supposedly she threw a seriously ill husband for the rebound.

Ardova but survived “bullying” in the media and never answered the attacks of enemies. On the eve of Maxim gave an interview in which he confessed: he had no affair with Anna. They worked together and between them a warm friendship, but nothing more.

“We played with Anya in the play “Married, but live” Yes, there were explicit scenes, so we began to marry. But there is nothing between us! Our relationship as colleagues on stage, do not believe the gossip!” — said the actor in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Alexander Shavrin died in New year’s eve

Meanwhile, Anna’s son Anton, who moved after his parents ‘ divorce to live with her father, returned under “mother’s wing”. But the daughter Ardovs and Shavrina — Sophia is already building an independent life. The girl followed in the footsteps of mom and dad and decided to become an artist. It serves the Moscow art theatre. A. Chehova active in films and TV projects.