Предполагаемая любовница Караченцова представила доказательства их связи Ballerina Elena Dmitrieva continues to assert that he had met with the actor for over two decades. According to the woman, they with Nikolay Karachentsovu then broke up, then got back together again. However, Lyudmila Porgina believes that Dmitriev came up with a novel with the artist.
Предполагаемая любовница Караченцова представила доказательства их связи

Former Kirov theatre ballerina Elena Dmitrieva says that 23 years met Nikolay Karachentsovu. For many years, the artist had concealed their connection with the star theatre and film, but recently decided to break the silence. Alleged beloved celebrity gave an interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. It is known that they themselves Porgina and Karachentsov do not believe in the truthfulness of the words Dmitrieva. Lyudmila Andreevna has repeatedly expressed doubts about the veracity of the statements of Helena.

Lyudmila Porgina clarified the rumors of a secret mistress of Nikolay Karachentsov

To chat with a ballerina, Andrey Malakhov went to St. Petersburg, where she lives. Elena showed a photo op with the artist. According to Dmitrieva, Karachentsov often came to her apartment. The woman also admitted that he was subjected to harassment after making a lot of noise interview to one of editions.

“I’m worried that all of this is told absolutely accidentally. And meet because he went in the dirt and lies – with these words Elena turned to lead. – I decided that I must speak, otherwise it is impossible. Such a spin that even the most ridiculous. And about work, and about life in France. I can’t say that we lived with him for 23 years. But all this time he come back to me, appeared in my life. I think that if not for his illness, it would have continued”.
Предполагаемая любовница Караченцова представила доказательства их связи

According to Dmitrieva, the first actor asked her to wait with the wedding, citing work and a small child. “Well, as usual… Saying that everything will be fine. “With Luda we live, but I come home, eat, go to sleep, we have nothing. Just the family in which I live.” I was jealous, and then stopped. I thought I was the only one. Here’s a fool” – says the woman.

According to Elena, Nicholas often called her and left messages on my answering machine. “He said he came. Or “the Artist has arrived”. Asked when I’ll be home. It’s been 17 years. For some reason I throw this tape”, – said the artist. Dmitriev turned on the tape. The voice on the tape resembled Karachentsov.

“Well, Hello. I’m still here in St. Petersburg today. I’ll still call. Come on, now,” – a message left on the answering machine Elena.
Предполагаемая любовница Караченцова представила доказательства их связи

Dmitriev recalls how Karachentsov called her during the birthday celebration. Ballerina decided to talk with the actor outside the apartment. She tried not to advertise the relationship with the star. “I pop it with flowers. We went around the corner. Sat down with glasses of champagne he brought with him. Then he says: “I’ll be there in three hours.” Go back and say that the holiday is over. (…) I used to hide it from everyone,” shared the actress.

Not all present in the judge believed the words Dmitrieva. So, the composer Irina gribulina, girlfriend Karachentsov and Parginos, believes that Elena – another obsessive fan. “Nick never said, “the Artist has arrived”. It was a phrase Abdulov”, – said the expert of the program.

The alleged lover of Nikolai Karachentsov also said that the actor even invited her to join the Church marriage. “When I’m with him very frequently saw, he said, “we were married so immediately”. So I calmed down and realized how much he loves me. I said, “You first get divorced, and then we will get married and get married,” – said Elena. Karachentsov has promised the actress to talk with his wife, but was not able to decide on a serious conversation. According to Dmitrieva, the star didn’t want to leave Porgina.

Most recently, Elena Dmitrieva said that wanted to see Karachentsovu, which is now struggling with cancer. But over time, the woman refused from their plans.

“There was a time when I wanted to come home to them with a friend, who accepted. Submitted by bride of a friend and quietly to take nick by the hand, saying, “I’m here, do you recognize me? I’m not lost, not gone.” But then I was told that this should not be”, – said the ballerina.