The alleged grandson of Maria Shukshina passed DNA test

Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест Freya silber, the ex-girlfriend of son of actress and TV presenter Makar Kasatkina, recently gave birth in a Moscow hospital. Throughout pregnancy heir to a famous dynasty refused to communicate with his ex-girlfriend. A young mother decided to call Makar to justice on a talk show.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест

Freya silber became the main heroine of a new edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on “Russia 1”. Recently she became a mother for the second time. According to her, the baby’s father is the son of Maria Shukshina – Makar Kasatkin. Throughout pregnancy Zilber tried to establish contact with the representatives of the famous dynasty, but the actress and her son refused to communicate with a young woman.

Silber came to the Studio talk show and explained why hopes to encourage the son Shukshina to justice. She wants Makar acknowledged paternity and provided financial assistance to the newborn child.

“I was lying last two months of pregnancy in the hospital, in order not to lose the baby. On the part of the child’s father no one was interested in my health. Patronymic son, I have not yet given. Knew it would be hard, I knew what was going on,” said silber.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест

Previously, the young woman admitted that she already has a daughter who is brought up by the grandmother, mother, Freya, in native Barnaul. According to silber, she is not communicating with the family, so I decided to give birth in the capital. The entire pregnancy she wandered through friends, at times she had to live in unsanitary conditions. And at discharge from the hospital she was met by the film crew of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The creators of the talk show took off for the young mother clean and cozy apartment in the capital. Silber thanked the editors of the program for support.

Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест

Freya said that was periodically trying to call Maria Shukshina and her son Makar. But the presenter does not take the phone, seeing what she calls the ex-daughter-in-law. Young alleged father refuses to communicate with his former sweetheart.

Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест

Soon, the Studio came younger sister of Maria Shukshina Olga. Cousin of actress and TV presenter came to the program from Egypt. She congratulated Freya on the birth of your son and said that he would try to help a young mother.

“I believe it is necessary to knock on these doors, melt these hearts. If Vasily Makarovich would be alive… Such a situation would not be”, – said Olga.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест

Olga explained to the guests and experts of the talk show that she cannot establish a connection with the famous home, his mother Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and her older sister Mary. However, the woman hopes: soon her family will be able to make peace and to accept the child of Freyja.

“I solemnly promise: I will try to contact them, but only… That I was not alone, I need help, someone suggested. I believe that Mary will find it in your heart place, because she Shukshin genetics,” said Olga.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной сдал ДНК-тест

At the end of the program, the examiner announced the result of the DNA test: the experts took a biomaterial and a newborn son silber, and Olga Shukshina. However, it turned out that confirm paternity grandson of Vasily Shukshin – impossible. Since Olga and son Freya are distant relatives, and for the exact test required biological material or Maria Shukshina, or its heir Makar Kasatkina.

A human rights activist in the Studio of the talk show recommended Zilber to go to court. Only he can compel the alleged father to pass the required tests for an accurate DNA test. Moreover, as stated by the experts, Zilber has all the reasons to sue: there are witnesses who saw Makar and Freya together, and also footage shot on a mobile phone camera, the police from the apartment where the ex-beloved were together.

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