The alleged fiancee of Smurfit runs the risk of Bonneuil

Предполагаемая избранница Cмерфита рискует столкнуться с Боней Alex smerfit came to town on the Cote d’azur with friends and new girlfriend. They have fun in the clubs and enjoy boat trips. Itself Bonya is also located in the French resort that raises many questions from users of social networks.

Many celebrities gathered on the French Riviera, where the Cannes film festival takes place. In the city on the Mediterranean sea can be arranged not only movie premieres, but a loud party. This year Victoria Bonia went to the event alone. Apparently, the woman wants new Dating. However, as noted by social media users, a few days in the same bars and the cafe were ex-civilian spouse star Alex smerfit. As written, the followers of his microblog, the businessman arrived there together with a group of friends and new girl.

During the live broadcast it showed the girl with whom he allegedly began a relationship. Subscribers began to closely study the pictures of Smurfit trying to find a new companion of the entrepreneur on the General staff. Apparently, striking the girl in the red dress on the yacht’s deck is his passion. “The brunette returned,” “Such as Vic, he doesn’t find” – said the user.

Alex and his friends rented a large house, where they organize Lunches and dinners. The guys cooked pasta, and then tasted the drink in one of the establishments on the waterfront.

In turn, the former common-law wife of Alex flirting with the drivers. Victoria shared the shot where she poses with a foreign athlete. “You know I’m not greedy. One of the boys free. So your time has come, formula E is looking for a Russian bride and has promised to respond to messages,” said Bonya on the page in a social network. Some advised celebrities not to give anyone such a nice guy. Victoria herself trying not to advertise personal life, and about the reunion with her ex-husband is not the question.

Bonia has shed light on the reasons for the separation with Servicom