The aliens took her for a man

Иностранцы приняли Лолиту за мужчину The singer told about a funny incident that happened to her recently. Lolita faced with incomprehension on the part of the guards. Fans celebrities have delighted in its history. According to fans of Lolita, she will always find something to say.
Иностранцы приняли Лолиту за мужчину

Like many artists, in the spring of Lolita went on tour. The celebrity hosted a concert in Blagoveshchensk. According to the singer, now there’s beautiful weather. So Lolita with pleasure enjoying the sun and walks without clothes.

Sharing his impressions from staying in the administrative centre of the Amur region, Lolita told about a funny incident that happened to her when crossing the Chinese border. As it turned out, singer was mistaken for a man.

“Chinese border guard took my passport for a long time and spit the document in hand. Then departed, taking him along. Came back with a translator. They exchanged views, and the interpreter said, “are You a man or a woman?” – recalls the artist. – I was confused and said, “I think that I’m a woman, but the eggs I have.” They didn’t get each other anything I said, but conceded five minutes later. That is so cool I crossed the Chinese border”.

Fans of Lolita laughed with her. According to them, the stars have a great sense of humor. “Love”, “That’s a cool answer. Rich Russian language”, “Charged positive”, “Laughing out loud”, “Chic said,” “You never lost”, “Joke”, “How charismatic you crossed the border”, “day”, commented the users of social networks.

While in the far East, the singer took the time and shopping. Lolita told about the place, the owners of which she knows personally. “They are friends of all artists. They put the whole show business”, – told the singer. The star stressed that she was not paid for advertising. The boutique, which is visited Palladium, not even an online store. To buy a thing at friends star, you need to go to Blagoveshchensk. Lolita walked away with several impressive packages.

By the way, this year daughter Milavskaya Eva finishes school in Kiev. The girl lives there with her mother star. Due to the fact that lolita was banned entry to the territory of Ukraine, it will not be able to attend prom. The singer tried to make it to eve remember the night. The star bought the successor to Valentino suit and dressy shoes.

In the future Eva will prepare for entrance to University. According to Lolita, it will take about a year, because the girl needs to adapt to the Russian language. The fact that the singer wants to take the daughter to Moscow. The star is not thrilled about the idea of studying abroad.