Авиакомпания разъяснила истинную причину конфликта с женой Андрея Аршавина 6 Jan Alice Kazmina was removed from the flight Moscow-Alma-ATA together with two children. A young woman claimed that personnel actions were illegal. However, the press service of the airline has provided comprehensive information about the incident.

The wife of Andrei Arshavin put in a very bad situation. Alice Kazmina was supposed to fly from Moscow to Alma-ATA, but it was removed from the flight with two young children and nanny. The young woman was shocked, and hastened to announce that sue and airline, and insulted her hostess. The player’s wife rushed to share experiences with followers on Instagram, noting that because of the scandal, she cried for a few hours.

“The stewardess Anastasia Kurakin writes in a note that the part of the passenger public of the violations was not. Well, thank you for Christmas. Statement to the offender the older Board-the conductor, Anastasia Kurakin decided to write. Want to remove such a person from office, not to hurt other people to the airline,” wrote Kazmina.

Airlines hastened to clarify the situation and to present their picture of what happened. On her official website there was a message relating to the scandal. It notes that the wife of Arshavin behaved in a destructive and repeatedly violated the rules established by the safety.

“Ms. Arshavin ignored the demands of the cabin crew about the need to respect the rules of the airline and tried to transplant my nurse to the salon business class, despite the fact that the ticket she had in economy. In addition, the passenger refused to follow instructions of flight attendants. Also, one of her children was not wearing a seatbelt and was not in the chair at the moment when the plane was ready for takeoff. 200 meters to the runway Mrs Arshavin unbuckled my seat belt and belt child. The report notes that the passenger A. Arshavin has repeatedly called himself the major of FSB, trying to put pressure on the crew”, – reported in the official statement of the airline.

In the opinion of the carrier, the personnel actions were lawful from the point of view of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Also in the official statement stressed that the airline offers the testimony of other passengers, confirming destructive actions of Alice Catimini.

While the famous footballer’s wife did not respond to this statement. Earlier it was reported that a flight attendant, with which Kazeminy there was a conflict, not have to it any claims. The very same young woman intends to seek dismissal of the employee and an apology from the airline.

After the incident, Kazmina were in touch with journalists. In her opinion, their children were taken off the plane because of the smelly diaper that Alice was forced to urgently change ten-month-old daughter Esenii. After that the young woman had to get a hotel room, buy new tickets and re-register the Luggage. According to the wife of Arshavin, everything is completely ruined her mood.