The air force will rid the heroine is a lesbian in the TV series “Doctor Who”

ВВС избавится от героини-лесбиянки в сериале «Доктор Кто»

The TV series “Doctor Who”, aired on the BBC news channel waiting for the change. According to the Sun, telebase decided to get rid of the new companion of the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.
Character actress pearl Maki bill will appear only in the tenth season of the sci-Fi TV show, which will be released next month and will end in December of this year. This character will be the first and last homosexual character on the show.

Cause thawed desire of the actor Capaldi to leave the project, so script author Chris Cimballa will have to adjust the plot to create a new team of actors. Peter plays in the series in 2013. He’s already officially announced that the tenth season will be his last. Who will be the new “Doctor Who” — remains unknown.
In fact, the series is the longest running on British television. The first season was shown back in 1963 and last until now. The plot of the series, the main character of the Doctor an alien time traveller and gets into various scrapes. The main character at the time, played by different actors.