Постаревший Тимур Родригез показал, как выглядит на самом деле
Showman hides the gray.

Photo: Instagram

Now it became clear why Timur Rodrigez always goes in caps or fashion hats. It turns out that 38-year-old TV presenter and singer hides premature graying! About Timur himself told his fans. He was tired of dyeing the hair, shave the grizzled whiskey or hide my hair under hats.

“All new — well forgotten old! says Rodriguez. — Gray first came to me in the 10th grade. And, I will not hide, among the fair sex, there were plenty of those who asked “not to hide” it. Incidentally, this is the third time I make such a serious accent! For the first time allowed himself the experiment of the mid-2000s, but then I’ve never worn a beard. The second time specifically for the clip “Fragments of memory” with the wonderful Svetlana Khodchenkova”.

As it was artistic photography fans Rodriguez couldn’t even imagine what Timur is actually gray “on his head”. However, this did not disappoint their idol. On the contrary, most of the girls, as predicted Rodriguez, found his gray hair very sexy. They asked for Timur not to fight with nature, and in any case not to dye her hair and not to hide “this beauty” under Junior caps.

But the most witty commentator was a longtime friend of Timur Anton Komolov. The TV host wrote in a blog Rodriguez, so he definitely left a beard, and gray hair.

“You will then be able to pick Polina Gagarina, pretending to be her husband, Dima!!!” suggested Anton.