The actress Raisa muhametshina were injured after falling down an Elevator shaft

Актриса Раиса Мухаметшина получила травмы, упав в шахту лифта The honored artist was urgently hospitalized. Raisa Mukhametshina was taken to Sri behalf of the Sklifosovsky. Doctors diagnosed the 69-year-old actress and teacher traumatic brain injury, concussion and bruised wounds of the occipital region. Emergency happened on the eve of the anniversary Raisa Mingalone. On December 25 she is 70 years old.

      Актриса Раиса Мухаметшина получила травмы, упав в шахту лифта

      Honored artist of Russia, Raisa Mukhametshina, known for his work in movie as an actress of dubbing, before he was urgently hospitalized in Moscow with severe injuries she received after falling into an Elevator shaft.

      The tragedy with the older actress happened on the eve of her birthday, December 25, Raisa Mingalone sketch. The incident occurred at the Institute of theatre arts at the Botanical street, where Mukhametshin held classes with students in acting. During the lecture, the Professor approached the security guards of the University and asked Raisa Mingtown to move the car. She parked too close to his building, the utility cleared the roof of snow and could easily damage your vehicle stars.

      According to witnesses, the woman was frightened by this message and quickly jumped out of the audience. Raisa Mukhametshina probably confusing exits from the building in the dark stepped into the open Elevator shaft. So it was for some reason left the lifters while turning the lights off in the room.

      Актриса Раиса Мухаметшина получила травмы, упав в шахту лифта

      Reportedly, Raisa Mukhametshina fell from the first floor to the basement. Despite the injuries, the elderly woman managed to find the strength to call people for help. They say that originally her cries were taken during the rehearsal of theatrical scenes, but later realized what happened. Extra was caused by the rescue service and ambulance.

      Solves a question on excitation of criminal case against lifters who did not care about how to ensure the safety of people working in the building where repairs were carried out.

      “Raisa Mukhametshina was admitted to hospital with cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion of a brain and a bruised wounds of the occipital region”, – reports the edition

      Raisa Mukhametshina are well known to the generation of Soviet listeners and film fans. At one time she together with Vladimir Vinokur led on the radio – “You and me and the song.” Worked in the program “Good morning”, took part in the programs “Distorting mirror” and “full House”. As Raisa Mukhametshina known as a burlesque actress and dubbing actress. Her voice saying the Monkey in the cartoon “38 parrots”, the gadget in the TV series “Chip and Dale rescue Rangers” and other popular characters.

      Also known as Raisa Mukhametshina brilliant paradisde. The objects of its parody became Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Tamara Sinyavskaya, Edita, Alla Pugacheva.