The actress of the TV series “the RAID” Tamara Saksina: “to Withdraw from Vladimir Mashkov’s creepy”

Актриса сериала «Налет» Тамара Саксина: «Сниматься с Владимиром Машковым жутковато» The actress said about working on the picture. Tamara Saksina tried to overcome the fear of Vladimir Mashkov. With the first takes of she felt his support, were able to relax and fully immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere.

      Актриса сериала «Налет» Тамара Саксина: «Сниматься с Владимиром Машковым жутковато»

      On the First channel, successfully hosted a screening of the action-detective “RAID”. Actress Tamara Saksina, which played captain of internal Affairs Olga Bagrova was very glad that I got this role. However, prior to filming, when it became known that the main character will play Vladimir Mashkov, upset that she was not approached as a “Muse” of the Central character. Tamara admits that was very worried before going on set with a famous actor. She was afraid to offend the artist some trifle.

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      “To be honest, at first it was scary. I didn’t know the man, didn’t know his reactions and temperament. Went to the site and thought now I will not say the replica will confuse the phrase “fuck up” a few takes, he’ll spit and say that it would not to me appear completely,” says Saksina “StarHit”.

      Tamara remembered a few days before filming began she injured her leg, which was hurting her to walk. But Saksina could not cancel some of the scenes, but because every time overcame severe pain, not to spoil the shooting.

      “I was going, I reached a cafe, and in between takes, hobbled back to the car. Vladimir Lvovich asked, what’s wrong with me. And when I found out about the injury, very surprised: “You are so beautiful, I would even say gracefully ran that I would never have thought how hard it is”. When we were all together in the frame, it was easy, simple, fun, warm… First take the tension, and then you realize you people are so helping, gaze, gesture, tilt of the head, the tone that you’re just getting into it more and not worried about anything. Was pleasant working atmosphere”, – says Tamara.

      Saksina was left in awe of the General atmosphere in the workplace. Given that the shooting took place in Kaliningrad, team members become each other’s loved ones. They celebrated holidays together – on March 8 Mashkov all the girls gave flowers and candy. Tamara was glad she had the chance to work together with the famous actor, from whom she also learned important knowledge and skills of acting.

      “Vladimir Lvovich has taught me to be more attentive to detail, continues Tamara. For example, once we have read the roles, the scene before shooting. According to the scenario, Olga Crimson needed help Oleg Kaplan. And she spoke to him by name and patronymic, but simply: “Oleg, help me, please.” What a hero Mashkov replied that she was for him, “Olga”, thereby Recalling that they are in opposite camps. Only one detail – the first name, and how changes in the perception of the relations between characters!”

      Saksina recalls that he was surprised with a dedication Mashkov is working on the site, even if the camera is not aimed at him.

      “Actually, on the set of “the RAID” I began to realize what true acting partnership. For example, when different cameras shooting the same scene, and on the tenth take, the actor of such level as Mashkov, behind the operator, and wins back all the emotions and replicas, although at this time only shoot my close-up, this is a very valuable and enjoyable!” concluded Tamara.