The actress of the TV series “Smallville’s” Allison Mack confirmed that they had recruited sex slaves

Актриса сериала «Тайны Смолвиля» Эллисон Мэк подтвердила, что занималась вербовкой секс-рабынь

A year ago Mexico was arrested Keith Ranger — founder of the organization NXIVМ. Hiding behind the institution that helped women to achieve success through personal growth, Ranger with their activists were recruiting women for sexual and labour slavery. Among the recruiter was and the stars of the film, including the actress of the TV series “Smallville’s” Allison Mack. This week, the celebrity has confirmed the charges.

Актриса сериала «Тайны Смолвиля» Эллисон Мэк подтвердила, что занималась вербовкой секс-рабынь

“I came to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for their actions, so plead guilty,” said Mack in a courtroom this week.

“I joined NXIVM, to find the target. Really thought found people who share my faith… I Think that kit Renir wants to help people. I was wrong,” said the actress at the beginning of the hearing.

Allison pleaded guilty to several counts the charges against her. For each, she faces up to 20 years in prison.

The recruitment of girls worked at the pyramid scheme. The IEC has urged women to recruit others, “which in turn was to serve not only their masters, but masters over them”. On top of the pyramid stood a 57-year-old Ranger, which, incidentally, was the only male in the cult. Of course, he reaped all the fruits he could, using his position.

Ranger acquired sexual partners. There were about 15-20. They are constantly changing, and to discuss their relations with the head of the pyramid they were forbidden the same as to have a relationship apart from him. The rules established by the founder of the sect, women and girls had to perform flawlessly. To ensure the obedience of slaves, members of “secret societies” made a Deposit in the form of photos in the Nude have rights to the assets, as well as dirt on friends or relatives.

The founder of the sect was, and preferences in women. He liked lean, which forced their “mistresses” to sit on a low calorie diet. For performing the “requirements” Chapter following Allison Mack. The actress was so carried away with their position and activities, even suggested to brand of the participants, and to burn into their skin with their initials and Raniera.

“Under the guise of empowering women Allison Mack women were forced to starve if they did not conform to the sexual ideal of her codefendant. “Her goal was to vulnerable women,” said Prosecutor Moira Kim Penza at the hearing in Federal court in Brooklyn on Friday night.”

Together with Allison Mack blamed her colleague on the series Kristin Kreuk. The second immediately commented on the news. In his Twitter, the star spoke about her involvement in the organization and its activities. “When I was 23, I went to the “Nexium” and began to study the program for management success. This course helped me to deal with shyness and contributed to my personal growth, so I continued learning. I left the organization about five years ago and very little contact with those who were there.”

“The charges that I supposedly participated in the recruitment of women into sex slaves, be a blatant lie. I’ve never been involved in unlawful or nefarious activities. I want to thank all the women who shared their stories and helped expose the organization. I was very upset and confused about what was connected with the “Nexium”. I hope that as a result of the investigation, justice will prevail,” wrote the celebrity.

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