The actress of the theater Mark Rozovsky has accused him of sexual harassment

Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах The famous Director was at the center of the scandal. Former colleagues Mark Rozovsky said that he regularly allows himself to cross the line in dealing with subordinates. Himself, the artist denies the accusations.
Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах

Azerbaijani actress and singer Fatima Abaskuliyeva said that 12 years ago, theater Director mark Rozovsky forced her to join with him in an intimate relationship. Only now Fatima found the strength to speak about their unpleasant experience. The actress shared her story in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Fatima was born in Azerbaijan. She started singing from an early age and won many competitions. At age 19, the young artist dropped everything and went to conquer Moscow.

“I was a naive young student. In the third year of the University I transferred to the workshop Mark G. Rozovsky – people’s artist, Professor. Was accepted with open arms. Once he came up to me and said he wanted to talk about my career. Outside of the theater. I arrived at the address and followed him. We began to descend down, it was a basement. He started to say how wonderful I am and what I feel” – shared Abaskuliyeva.
Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах

Then, according to the girl, Rozovsky took her to the room where stood a large bed. Many details of that day have vanished from the memory of the girl. After the student has entered into an intimate relationship with the Director, she tried to forget about what happened.

“He ordered a tea and said it was our secret. What am I supposed to keep quiet about it and always be ready to see him whenever he wants. I didn’t understand how this is possible. I treated him as his teacher, who saw my talent. After that I started to blame myself and decided that I needed to forget about it,” – said Fatima.
Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах

Further Abaskuliyeva tried to seek a meeting with Rozovskiy. This continued until, until the Director goes out with her. “I was afraid of him and couldn’t tell him nothing. It was the second and last meeting. It seemed to me that I am to blame, I thought maybe it’s my appearance. Then I dressed brightly enough…” – admitted the actress.

As it turned out, the rumors of abuse by artistic Director of theatre “At Nikitsky gate” was exaggerated for a long time. “I graduated from the Institute 15 years ago. Already then there was the gossip,” recalled the singer Dmitry Nesterov. By the way, Fatima got a job in the cultural institution, but she quit. According to the artist, Rozovsky is still preying on young Actresses. “I want to punish this man,” says Abaskuliyeva.

Commenting on the behavior of celebrities, Fatima did not skimp on the emotions. “Nasty, disgusting, two-faced. I was a victim of his teacher. Mark Rozovsky sexually abusing his female students and talks about sauna and group sex. And not only talks, but does. Mark G., it’s retribution. It was impossible to do so with me and torture me for six years and shantajirovat. You incline their students and Actresses of the theatre into sexual slavery. I do not respect the method of your performances and you as a person” – appealed to the artist Abaskuliyeva.

Each Mark Rozovsky Vladimir Dolinsky accused Fatima of libel. “She’s lying to the whole country, to be recognized. What are you talking about? Mark G., which produced such a galaxy of Actresses… He has created 200 performances in the theatre, which he built with his own hands. So at age 70 he led you to the basement?” perplexed actor and TV host. Dolinsky said that Abaskuliyeva no evidence of improper behavior Rozovsky.

Actress Yekaterina Kmit, worked with Rozovskiy said that, too, was subjected to harassment by the Director. According to the artist, once the mark G. allegedly asked to go with him to bed. “The next day he said, “I’m waiting for you.” It speaks of his behavior in the theater. The whole theatre is well known,” – says Ekaterina.

Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах

Journalists contacted by mark Rozovskiy. The Director denies accusations of Fatima Abaskuliyeva. He also expressed doubts about the adequacy of the actress.

“Bullshit. You discouraged me. Not that communication, and even a hint of communication was not. Anywhere or in a cafe or in a house was not alone with her. She is really a little touched. Was kicked out of theater for bringing something to represent on stage. It is inadequate the lady, were therefore excluded. (…) I absolutely do not care about it,” said Rozovsky.
Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах

Presenter Andrey Malakhov quoted the appeal of Mark Grigorievich. The artist believes that Fatima deliberately slandered him, wanting to become famous. “It was very prepodobniy Jane, Wasilewska goal at any cost to assert themselves or, in today’s language, to appear on TV at the expense of compromising associated with my personality. It was stated that she was a former student of mine. But it hardly be called such because of the 4 years of studying it 3 years studying my course and I’ve only passed in the fourth year,” wrote Rozovsky. According to him, Fatima had a cameo, but she’s always dreamed of more. Its interaction with Abaskuliyeva Rozovsky does not consider full-time work.

To prove his innocence, Fatima has passed the test on the lie detector. According to the examiner Igor Volodin, the actress really believes that he entered into an intimate relationship with mark Rozovskiy. “But it’s not violence, she’d probably realize what they were doing? Most likely, we are talking about seduction,” commented the expert.

Victoria Bonia got in touch with the Studio of the transfer from Monaco. The TV presenter was subjected to harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. According to Bonnie, you need to be able to fight back. Victoria familiarity with the American figure of show-business took place in the early 2000s.

Актрисы театра Марка Розовского обвинили его в сексуальных домогательствах“I lived in the same hotel. Remember how in one day he invited me to his room. We were with a friend, chose him to go. He showed your photo with Nicole Kidman on the cover of the newspaper. As soon as the friend went to the bathroom, Harvey quickly opened the shirt. To get him off me, I said, “You know, I have a different orientation,” – said the ex-participant reality show.

At the same time, Bonia has doubts about the veracity of Abaskuliyeva. “I don’t want to offend anyone, but when you’re 22, you can’t just be with someone in the sauna. You know what is coming. I think that when you talk about it 12 years later, trying to appear”, – says Victoria.